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Innovating And Crowdsourcing – How The Idea of Innovating Taskflow And Collaboration Via Crowdsourcing Is Taking Place

“You can’t solve a problem on the same level that it was created. You have to rise above it to the next level.” – Albert Einstein The world rose and reached the next level of solutions with time and technology. Today, novel terminologies like ‘Open Innovation’ and ‘Crowd Sourcing‘ are spreading wide and across. I …

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Chatbots, Chatbots Everywhere at India’s 1st Botathon

Haptik, TLabs and Venturesity made large ripples in the coding world when they announced India’s 1st ever Chatbot Hackathon – the Botathon. Hosted at the expansive and comfortable TLabs office in Koramangala, over 100 keen coders, developers and programmers came with a simple objective in mind – blow the competition out of the water with …

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CeBIT IoT Hackathon Recap – where Internet of Things helped create magic!

  200 Hackers + CeBIT + Industry Leaders ( Bosch, Intel, DigitalOcean ) + IoT Wonders + Venturesity = India’s Largest IoT Hackathon!   The IoT Labs Hackathon had every element for making it the best in class. After getting the best out of the back to back learnups and debrief sessions, an army of hackjacks marched into …

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Rise of the self taught developers- because having a CS degree is so mainstream!

“Formal education will earn you a living, self-education will earn you a fortune.”, said Jim Rohn. The great names of all times affirm this statement well. But the fun fact is that close to 70% of our programming geniuses are actually self-taught and only ~35% programmers have a formal bachelor’s degree in Computer Science!     Every programmer …

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DigitalOcean Cloud Hack Recapped

26th November, a cold Delhi morning went hot and happening when a fleet of 110 hackers swarmed into the DigitalOcean Cloud Hack. The excitement and enthusiasm in the atmosphere were inexplicable. Not every day, the world’s second largest cloud services provider organizes a hack, do they? The 91 springboard co-working space was jam-packed and hackers huddled with their teams to …

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