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10 ‘-ings’ Social Media gave us

“All doing words are verbs”, is what I used to chant with full belief as a kid!

I grew up, the world changed. So did the meaning of the words which I learnt at school. I befriended this little ruffian called Social Media. And you know he educated me in the weirdest possible ways! My definitions of things changed. All that grammar which it taught me and most of the youth of my generation, I am proud to share some with you. Thank God I am no longer in school. My English teacher would have kicked me out of the class by now! So what’s in for the class today?

1) Facebooking– A word that redefined the meaning of being social! You facebook your emotions, your thoughts, your pictures, your messages, your stupidity, your innovativeness! If I go on the entire post would be on it! In fact, most of these fancy words originated from it.


2) Snapchatting: A picture is worth a thousand words? Well, people took that to their heart ever since this app originated. Click-pic-trick-pick! If you know what I mean 😉


3) Instagramming: Where everyone is a photographer! No matter what you click, where you click its bound to be good with Instaedit!Traveller? Foodie? Model? Nobody? Ah! We’ve got it all covered! Just click and post! You were born to become an Instagrammer! *tears*


4) Photobombing: Love ruining the perfect clicks? Oh yes! Congratulations, you’re a photo bomber! That evil smile and Godlike feeling that you get after you have ruined a photograph. Priceless!


5) Trolling: April fools? Ah! Who waits for that. We troll people and celebrate it daily! The graphic, video and wordy trolls on sites like twitter is a daily event. In the end, we are all humans and we get trolled on daily! Nobody dies a hero, life trolls us all. *bwahaha*

troll_ing _____________________________________________________________

Let’s try this a bit in Venturesity way! Make some use of your Social Media and development skills.

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kookoo_challenge_twitter_post _____________________________________________________________

6) Blogging: The only -ing which makes some sense. But with the advent of time, technology and trend stupid people like me have ruined it too! :3It was all so beautiful when it started. People talked about life, their experiences, love, nature and feelings. It got better as science, technology, food and all other beauties of life entered. And today it has reached to such a point that people write about everything! From the bedbugs in their bedrooms to someone as ridiculous as KRK! Yes, I read a blog on him too! And I am alive, and I will spare you the horror.


7) Youtubing: Instagram says click ’em all and youtube says film it all! Celebrity shows to the fights in our neighbourhood. Yes, we got it all! In fact, Youtubers make a lot of money doing this. Yes, Youtubing is a profession today! You may have already read so many blogs about people who made millions out of youtube!

youT_ing (1)

8) Tweeting: I was young, Facebook was my world. Somebody broke my dreams! “Oh God, Shahrukh retweeted me”, said someone. Welcome to a sky full of stars and crazy hashtags!


9) Hashtagging: #crazy #shitty #hashtags #nobody #understands #what #they #are #meant #for #but #we #all #use #them #amazing #crazy #people #we #are #loveforhashtags


10) Whatsapping: Well you eat-sleep-drink Whatsapp! You get up at 3 just to check your Whatsapp! You even check it in your meetings and class. You Whatsapp the person sitting just next to you! Don’t lie we have all done it! :3


Thinking much eh? It’s time for doers! Up for a challenge?

Venturesity is here for you!


Pratik Saurav
(Venturesity Team)


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