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10 Necessary Skills Every College Graduate Needs

Over 5 million graduates are passing out every year. Of them, over 2 million are technical graduates, yet there is a huge gap between the total number of graduates and the ones hired. The churn rate is higher than ever. What is possibly going wrong here? Is it just the company and few macroeconomic factors or something about talent gap?


Recruiters say that a lack of basic skills is holding back the graduates from professing a suitable and sustainable employment. The 30’s are back in fashion. The market was prancing like a young colt to hire freshers. Youth over experience was the trend that all companies followed but with time they realized what the freshers lacked. Let’s deep dive to search for the pieces of the puzzle.


Business communication skills: A research shows that an average worker spends 2.5 hrs a day on writing and replying business emails. Which means that you spend close to 81 working days in writing emails! Now if you are not good with this, you’re life is sure to be messed up. Companies complain of freshers lacking basic communication and presentation skills. Wrong grammar and verbiage often lead to a misinterpreted message internally or to the clients. To just “get-done-with-it”, freshers often choose to ignore how critical a message or a conversation is. Small issues like forgetting to attach a deliverable/incomplete message, grammatical errors, or a wrong recipient can lead to a lot of trouble.




Microsoft Office skills: When you are working, it’s a basic necessity. MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook are the tools you need round the clock. You cannot expect your firm to train you on these. A formula or macro in excel can finish your manual work in seconds which would ideally take forever manually. Your daily productivity goes low when you spend so much time just sorting the rows and columns or making a presentation. Do it right to stay ahead!


The know it all attitude: 2 big problems which prevail in our generation are “Haa pata hai” and “sab chalta hai” attitude. The lack of professionalism and negligent attitude makes the work error prone. Such negligence can put the firm’s reputation and client engagement on the line. A strong QA system and peer QC should always be there in place. Right attitude with a willingness to learn is what is required here.


Awareness and the art of asking questions: Nothing is more dangerous than a half-hearted knowledge of things. Freshers & graduates are lacking ears to listen; those attentive and conscious ears. Little listening, even lesser understanding and implementation leads to a disaster. It does not end there, you ought to know about your industry, the current happenings in the market and your competitors. Working just for the sake of it will not get you anywhere.Asking relevant questions is an art; if learnt the proper way will do wonders to your life. Ask correct questions and search proper answers.


Planning and time management: Well this is something we all suck at. Admit it, we have the hardest time laying out the plan for the day and then actually executing it. I personally have a really really hard time. So I keep a printed/hand written a checklist of the day’s work by my side always. Not only it gives me a sense of accomplishment but the ETAs next to the tasks keep me on my toes. Meeting deadlines is impossible if you don’t plan your day smartly. By smartly I mean, set realistic timelines for everything.







Acquaintance with latest tools and technologies: The technology is changing, so are the customers. Integration of hybrid models at Core and IT Industry demands the heavy and surplus use of the latest technology. Freshers need to adapt to the changing environment and build a foundation to quickly pick up anything and everything which is required for the job. A brief acquaintance with the technology itself will make your life easier. Eg. If you are in core Instrumentation engineering, you need to be well acquainted with DCS and latest PLCs to make your life easier on the floor.


College graduates are expected to bring renewed vigor and enthusiasm to the team. A little effort and focused mind is all what a college graduate needs. Don’t just get hired; earn it!

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