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16 things to look forward to at Venturesity in 2016

It’s that time of the year again. (How quickly does time pass?). This is when we look back at the previous year with nostalgia. And look ahead with widened eyes at the prospects of the year ahead. At Venturesity, we are no different. In our usual New Year’s spirit, here is a list of 16 things to look forward to at Venturesity in 2016.

  • Hackathons Galore. Venturesity wouldn’t be Venturesity if there were no hackathons in the mix, would it? Kicking off the new year in style, the Microsoft Bing hackathon is our first major hack of the year. Data scientists and enthusiasts are welcome to take part. Seize this opportunity today to work with the Bing team. Bing it on!
  • Online Challenges. Yep. Our online challenges are here to stay and they will only get better. From crowd favorites like Need for Code, to ongoing challenges like KooKoo, there is something for everyone. For intellectual pleasure to profile building opportunities, don’t miss out on what everyone’s talking about!
  • Women in tech initiatives: Just as how wine just gets better over the years, so too does our women in tech initiatives. Our good old Ms. Hackers, in its new incarnation, promises to rule the roost. Read more about it here
  • More non-tech challenges: We’ve had a couple of non-tech challenges. Sales Analysis, Digital marketing etc. come to mind. But in 2016, we’ll have a lot more of these challenges. Promises to be great!!
  • More LearnUps: In 2015 we kicked off a new drive: the LearnUp. It has gained traction, and 2016 promises to be the year when LearnUps take a life of their own. If you don’t know what a LearnUp is, check out this post
  • LearnUps + Hackathons: As 2015 rolled on, we realized we were missing out on a major piece of the puzzle. Hitherto we’d treated LearnUps and hackathons as two separate entities. But if you think about it, why? Towards the end of the year, we decided to combine both LearnUps and hackathons together. We first did it at the Grabit hack. (You can read about it here). In 2016, we think that almost every company will have a LearnUp followed by a hackathon
  • Executive challenges. The challenge centric model works for junior to mid-level positions. But does it work for more senior roles? We tried it in 2015. And we had great success. So, in 2016, we will have more executive challenges for senior level positions. Yes, you have to show us what you’ve got! 🙂
  • Social Hacks. In 2014 and 2015 we held several hacks based on a social theme. One was the GHC hack of 2014, and the other was Hack for Nepal. Participants built applications that would help out those in need. In 2016, we will have more such hacks. Hackers like YOU will make a real difference to the lives of many. In fact, Amruth Pillai one of our hackers used his skills to help out those in Chennai! Hackers can be life savers too!!Amruth Pillai one of our hackers used his skills to help out those in Chennai! Hackers can be life savers too!!
  • Building a greater talent base. With all our drives and initiatives to engage with hackers, our hacker base is growing. And it seems to grow exponentially. In 2016, we think that we will have the largest hacker database in the country. Nay, the world!!
  • Engage with college students. We have had hacks and challenges for senior folks as well as junior folks. We also have had hacks exclusively for college students. (Think of Propeller!) In 2016, we will corner the entire market including college hiring. After all, young college students are the working professionals of tomorrow. No sense in neglecting them, right?
  • More mentorship. In 2015, at many hackathons and LearnUps, hackers got to interact with top notch industry mentors. Sequoia::Hack 2015 comes to mind as the foremost example of this type of mentorship was taken to a whole new level. Here, in this invite only hack, hackers got to interact with industry mentors to take their apps into the next level. In 2016, this will probably a feature of the majority of hacks.
  • More engagement with the hacking community. I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that we’ve talked about this before: more hacks, learnups etc. But no! This is different. This time, we will involve you in this creative process. Want to create a challenge? No problem. Create one, put it up on our platform and watch your fellow hackers hack away. This is what we’ve planned in 2016(!)
  • Blog writing. Everyone can write. Just like everyone can code. At Venturesity, we’ve had our fellow hackers author guest posts. 2016 promises to be no exception. This year, we will feature guest posts from any hacker who wants to be featured. With little or no editing. Everyone has a voice at Venturesity!
  • Geographical expansion: Venturesity will go global. You’ve seen us in Bangalore. You’ve seen us in Pune. Even Chennai. Hyderabad. The list of cities go on. But we plan to reach every city in India. Finally, we plan to reach out to other locales as well. 2016 will be a truly global year!
  • Combining MOOCs with hackathons. MOOCs historically have had a low completion rate. People don’t seem to complete them. But we’ve hit on a solution. Why not have participants complete a MOOC, and then ask them to solve a challenge based on it? This would increase MOOC completion rates. As well as test people’s knowledge of the material. This is exactly what we did in our Ms. Hackers initiative. In 2016, we will take this idea and expand upon it.
  • IOT hackathon. IOT is the next big thing in the tech world. But we’ve never had a hackathon solely based on it. Sure, at the OLA API hackathon, there was a team building an IOT solution. However, there hasn’t been any hack so far with such a theme. In 2016, we plan to have hacks based on IOT. It will be AWESOME!!

Well that’s it from us folks! Let’s make this year 2016 the best year yet at Venturesity!!!

Want to see Venturesity do more things apart from the ones listed out above? Let us know in the comment section below.



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