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The Venturesity Diaries 2016 – Our Eventful Year!

From a rookie software developer to a coding veteran, Venturesity hacks are a jam-pad for a talent pool of over 40K hackers. Besides networking, hackathons give you an opportunity to meet new code buddies, potential employers and even make some serious headway on a prototype. And if you win, you have bragging rights, a resume medallion and splendid prizes like an all expense paid videshi trips to present and fund your ideas!


The year 2016 was special. We had everything on our hackcards; IOT, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, AI…. you name it, we had it. This year also saw the rise of superwomen hackers and collegiate rockstars. So, let us have a quick glance through the major highlights of the year.


When DigitalOcean came to India:

DigitalOcean set their foot on the Indian soil with killer online and offline hacks. The cloud hacks took the capital and our mast Mumbai by storm. Cloud computing has been established as the top skill to get hired for two consecutive years now. And when the world’s second largest cloud infrastructure provider hosts a hack, hackers are bound to go all gaga over it.


Scintillation at the IOT Lab

IoT is an empire in the making and to honor this magical marriage of the internet and the smart devices, Venturesity and CeBIT came together to organize India’s first all exclusive IoT hack. Robots, drones, automated systems were the show stoppers with some other amazing products. The stakes were high and so were the prizes. All expense paid trips to Hannover, Germany for the winners, need we say more?


Banyan Hack, because wisdom comes from innovative hacking

An annual event that’s targeted at students and concentrates on the theme of Machine Learning. After all, the world produces tons of data every minute and it will take some very brilliant minds to decipher it all. The collegiate community broke the stereotypes by showing how ahead they were of their time. From building apps to putting together robots that solve Rubik’s cubes, the product line-up was out of this world at the Banyan Hack.


Botathon- Chatbots-chatbots everywhere!

Haptik, TLabs and Venturesity made some big news in the hacking community when they announced India’s 1st ever Chatbot Hackathon – the Botathon. 700+ applicants stormed the registration sites out of which 100 were finally shortlisted. Developers were welcomed to build conversational bots over platforms such as Slack, Facebook or any other platform you see fit and take away prizes of over INR 1,00,000!


IBM Hacks- yet another treat for the collegiates

Youth is the future. Through the #IBMInclude programme, engineering students, from across the country, could score the opportunity of a lifetime – the chance to be mentored (as well as win internship offers) by IBM. The Hack Camps were focussed on three key areas – Mobility, Cognitive Computing, and Data Analytics. Students from all across the nation participated in these hacks held at IIT Kharagpur, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata and other major cities. The ideas and dreams that these young minds were weaving inside them were things that left me awestruck. Such cognizance, brilliant thoughts and an inexplicable passion to do something led them to create wonders. The best Boy and Girl coder were laden with amazing opportunities by one of the world’s largest tech giants, IBM.

This was 2016 revisited, a golden year for Venturesity hacking community.They say that new year marks the start of a new start and a new way to go.The coming year, 2017 is going to be Legen….wait for it…..dary! Keep the hacker spirit raging.





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