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Our 2017 Resolutions – What We Hope For This Year

Champagne’s popped, fireworks lit up the sky. We danced like there is no tomorrow and with wishful hearts we waited for the clock to mark his arrival. He came, and how? With triumphal arches set in his path, the masses welcomed him like a warrior’s homecoming. Oh, how have we waited for you 2017! It has taken you forever to arrive and infuse new life into us. The pages are blank, we are going to put words in them. The book is called opportunity and its first chapter is new year’s day. So here I am with our list of resolutions while you’re preparing yours. FYI, we just don’t make resolutions/promises – we fulfil them t00.
So here’s our list of resolutions for the year:
Mastering the perfect hack recipe: What does it take for a great hackathon? – Great hackers, challenging problems, the perfect OC, the breadth of technology coverage, innovative ideas, timelines, guidelines, the place, the food ?? The answers to all the problems are what we intend to take down. Every hack is new for us. The zest that the team and the hackers spread at a hack is unprecedented. We wish to keep the ball rolling and engage with our hackers in the best possible manner.
Top jobs for everyone: We move with a vision of providing the best opportunities for the companies to hire and our talent community to get hired. With tons of hackers bagging their jobs at megaliths like Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Amazon, IBM, OLA… etc. last year, we aim to double the number of hirees and hirers this year. Dreams do come true and we serve your dream jobs with a zing.
Whackiness levels: INSANE!
Being normal is too mainstream and we’ve never believed in that. Last year we brought “Never-seen-before-never-ever” hacks to you. IOT,AI, Cloud, Machine learning.. you name it. We blasted the common myth of hacking being only for developers and brought before you a tester’s dose of happiness. We took all the roads less taken and broke the stereotypes. Want a glimpse? See how we fuse Code and poetry together at the Church Street Socials this weekend. If this is the beginning, imagine what’s next.
School of Rock: Yes we are not just pulling out but creating hacking rockstars straight outta schools and colleges. The past year saw numerous hackathons and learnups across the country for collegiates. Youth is power, and we will invest in this energy source to introduce budding hackers to the industry. Age no bar for coding. Mitron! You are the power, you will drive the nation. Let us fuel you up for it.
The rise of women coders: The women hacking community raised the bars for everyone last year. The world was stunned not just with the ideas they brought to the table but also how they came, participated and conquered the hackathons. We feel lucky to have such great women coders in our hacking fraternity and hope to drive more and more participation of women in tech.
Smart learning and prizes galore: “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” Golden words of wisdom aren’t they? This year is going to be jetpack joyride. Smart webinars, detailed podcasts, exhaustive blogs, learning resources and hands-on practice sessions. We’ll get it all covered to ensure a holistic learning for our hackers. We will be a one-stop solution to any challenges you face on your road to code. And prizes? Well, the stakes are skyrocketing with our every hackathon. Cash rewards, bounties, foreign trips, trendy gizmos worth millions were given away in 2016. Do the math of 2017 (2+0+1+7) = 10x times the prizes this year! Interesting times ahead, stay tuned.
Our checklist goes on and on, but enough about us. We would like to hear some from you too! Make a wish and Venturesity will fulfill it in our next event. The best wish gets rewarded. Keep checking our social media channels for the contest details.
Make a wish, hack your heart out. Happy new year folks.




Whats in for Learning and Development professional. looking forward for Hr challenges.

Rohit Gupta

Hi Garima we are focusing a lot on HR trends and hiring this year. This starts with a meetup in Bangalore –

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