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3 Major Reasons to NOT become a Venturesity Student Ambassador


Becoming a student ambassador might be a kickass opportunity to get rewarded both at a personal and at your career level. Venturesity has already launched its Campus Ambassador program but why should one be interested? I mean duh! What’s so new? I will give you further reasons to not roll up as our student ambassador. I mean why would you even consider becoming one?

1) Because Leadership

I mean why would you like to:

  • Lead the programming enthusiasts from your college and help them become a part of a community which has over 40,000 top notch programmers?
  • Help them and yourself build a professional network, gain exposure and carve out your careers?
  • Help them work on real world challenges and the best problems statements?
  • Give yourself and college mates an opportunity to be just the best in business and strive for your dreams, bag great internships and career opportunities?

Hah! Why would you like to do all of this? Standing out of the crowd, leading the masses and make dreams happen is so cliched! Isn’t it?

2) Because Responsibilities and Opportunities

Being a student ambassador has so many privileges.

  • You lead the army and you organize the challenges in your college!
  • You connect with the ambassadors from all over the nation, brainstorm, share and learn from your peers and preach them to masses
  • You are the interface between your the programming club , placement cells of your college and us
  • You meet great people, top hackers, developers and programmers from around the globe
  • With Venturesity going international with the India-Israel Med4Dev Hackathon you may now be part of things which are so royally international!

But why would you?

3) Because perks

You know all of these perks which we are offering are so not appealing! I mean why would you like to get

  • Great internship opportunities with amazing companies?
  • Special invites to our hackathons?
  • Certificates of appreciation for all the hard work you put in?
  • Cool Venturesity goodies?
  • A golden opportunity to meet tech wizards and pioneers in various fields?
  • An opportunity to learn, work and chill with our amazing team?

Guess what?

Our first program in collaboration with IBM is already up. This is a three-step challenge. Students in this first phase will be asked to solve a timed MCQ test held entirely online. This will be ideal preparation for the next rounds of the challenge, which would eventually lead to a prized internship at IBM and a job afterwards. Check out this link for further details.

I hope you are pretty convinced that you should not sign up for this.

What? You still want to sign up? Nope! Never! I would never let you do such a thing.

Ah! Are you still not convinced? Looks like you are going to register anyways!

Well, don’t blame me for an amazing opportunity


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