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5 (+1) Reasons You Should Participate in the Furlencode!

You can almost feel the excitement in the air as Furlenco partners with Venturesity for a mind blowing 24-hour hackathon that begins on March 12, 2016. Furlenco, a Bangalore-based startup, specialises in home furnishings and furniture rentals. And they are on the lookout for some ace coding talent. So, naturally, they decide to take the most fun route to discovering kick-ass talent – to host a hackathon.

Already interested? Then, go on and apply here. But if you need more convincing. Read on!

Eyes on the Prize

Let’s get to the best part first. There plenty at stake at the Furlencode. At the end of the 24-hour challenge, if you manage to impress we have a prize bounty that has your name written all over it. However, if you manage to blow our minds then you walk away with a job offer (amongst other things) in your kitty!

Sharpen Your Skills

Furlenco is hot on the trail of developers who can put their fingers in many pies and prove to be rockstars at it. This is no small ask. So, it’s obvious, that the hackathon will challenge you like you have never been challenged before. The hackathon is not just an opportunity to fine-tune your existing skills but to pick up new ones and to be inspired by your peers in the industry.

Become An All Rounder

Think about it, one-dimensional profiles that claim expertise in one or two things doesn’t impress employers anymore, no matter how rock-solid your experience is. Furlencode is where you unmask the jack of all trades in you. It’s a great platform to prove your mastery over the  core components of a technology stack – from crafting web portal to apps, customer experience systems, warehouse management and a whole lot more.

Learn About Teamwork

While the hackathon is open to one member teams, the event is actually a team challenge where teams of 2 or maximum of 3 coders can participate. If a 24-hour, non-stop hackathon, where you will be able to let your imagination and ideas runs wild, can’t teach you a thing or two about the importance of teamwork in bringing to life your concepts, then nothing will.

Coders United

Creating opportunities and sharing your ideas and thoughts with your peers is an important facet of furthering your career’s cause. And what better place than a hackathon to ignite (or reignite) your shared passion for all things code along with a bunch of like-minded people. It is really a time to dust off those ideas, you have forgotten in some corner of your mind, and kickstart your dreams.

Bonus: Food’s On Us

Get your laptop, charger, and linen for the night (should you choose to snooze off for a bit) and we’ll bring the food. While you crack the code, we’ll ensure that your energy doesn’t dip and you are all charged up – from start to finish.

For more information, log on here.


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