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5 Cities, 1 Hack: Here’s Everything That Happened At The #IBM Include Hackathon

The first day of October was full of excitement and promise for engineering students across five cities in India. For the past couple of months, IBM has been hosting hack camps around the country and working with students on a variety of themes. In the previous hacks, students and mentors got together to work on products and solutions that revolved around broad themes like app development, cognitive computing, and analytics.


Students beginning their hacks
Students beginning their hacks


On the 1st of October, the area of focus was IBM’s very own, cutting-edge technology – Bluemix. Launched in 2014, Bluemix is a cloud platform that’s been developed as a service (PaaS). Engineers and coders cannot just experiment with several languages on this platform but also build and test out a variety of applications on the Cloud.

Since its launch, Bluemix has gained fame as a prized technology. So, it comes as little surprise that over 3,500 students from around India turned up for the mega hack. The IBM team was all geared up to impart hands-on knowledge on Bluemix. And the students were eager to try their hands at this exciting technology. The event saw the participation of budding engineers from KIIT University, Mumbai University, PESIT (Shimoga), Techno India University, St. Martin’s College and many more.



Seating becomes an important choice during hackathons!
Seating becomes an important choice during hackathons!


Once the initial introductions were done, the students were handed out the problem statements. Huddled up in groups, the participants got to work and were tasked with creating innovations in Handwriting Recognition, Key Customers Identification, and Ingredients Detection. Or they could let their imagination run wild and build apps of their choice.


Deep in the middle of ideating, developing, testing and finalising!
Deep in the middle of ideating, developing, testing and finalising!


Through the day, the mentors from IBM went around, answering questions and brainstorming so that the students could build efficient products that were nothing short of spectacular. Of course, there was plenty of fun to be had too as the students interacted with each other and battled out for the top spot of the day.


After slogging away the whole day on their laptops, the students got to showcase their products in front of the panel of judges. Each student gave the other tough competition and the judges, from each city, acknowledges that they had to make tough choices. In the end, the Best Boy Coder and the Best Girl Coder were picked from each city. Here’s the list below:


Bhubaneshwar – Pratick Roy and Pooja Bhaumik

Hyderabad – Rahul Sathputhe and Sruthi Reddy

Chennai – Athithyan A and M. Guru Rajkumar

Delhi – Anmol Krishan Sachdev and Ipshita Chaterjee

Bangalore – Gautham Mittal and Pavithra

Congratulations to all the winners!


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