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Our Top 5 Hack Ideas Of 2016 – Winning submissions!

The year is nearing its end. And what a year this was! Over 150 momentous hacks and events with thousands of hackers creating magic. A great hack idea was what stood between the winners and losers. It was a year of IOT, AI, Chatbots, Machine Learning, Cloudtech, Android and what not. It was also a year of dream jobs, cash prizes and lucrative takeaways. Loads of them! Like really; from Sennheiser headphones to all expenses paid trips to foreign countries.


The new year stands before us like a new chapter waiting to be written. So, a prologue to the upcoming epic-ness is a must. Let us revisit the greatest hack ideas of 2016.


Click and run in a jiffy with Octoshark

These days, every cloud developer is using Docker. A quick search on GitHub returned more than 300,000 public projects with Dockerfiles. OctoShark aims to provide a one-click solution to deploy any Docker, Vagrant or Laravel Project directly to a new DigitalOcean Droplet. The OctoShark button would be visible on such GitHub projects and it would allow users to spin up a server for that project in a jiffy. No developer now needs to think twice to test a project! This amazing stuff was developed by the team CapsLock. Their idea won them the cloud track of the DigitalOcean Hack in Delhi.


When Siri is not the only one- SAIL


A group of 4 enthusiastic hackers teamed up for the Banyan Hack this year. They made a fantastic product that makes apps more accessible through speech. This Siri-esque app known as SAIL was created with a special focus on the visually disabled individuals. This machine learning + speech recognition marvel went on to win the Banyan Hack, our annual Machine Learning hackathon exclusively for students. Here is a detailed introduction to SAIL by the creators.


IOT Wonders:


The CeBIT IOT hackathon was one of a kind and so were their winners. It would be only fair to mention the marvels of the both the winners who won an all expenses paid trip to Germany. Their ideas were a perfect marriage of IOT Technology and medical sciences. While team Drix made a medical help drone, Nightrise made a knee fit-bit device. Their products are all set to revolutionize the healthcare industry.


The demonetization hack


With the recent demonetization drive, merchants/sellers are forced to accept digital payments and customers need an easy way to make payments to merchants. A very common way of making digital payments is through POS devices. However, the current POS systems allow payments via Credit and Debit cards ONLY. Team Avengers solved this problem at the DigitalOcean Hack wherein the merchants can be equipped with an mPOS device which can accept payments not only through CC, DC but also through Net banking and a variety of wallets. This mPOS will communicate with user’s device using contact-less technology and hence works even when client app is offline.


Wondering what’s in store for the new year? We are starting this year with a bang. A unique experiment of code and poetry. Code Poetry? Yes, it’s true. I know you want to know more, check it all out here and register asap to be at your favorite, Church Street Social for a sumptuous brunch and an eccentric experience.



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