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5 Reasons You Should Never Forget The Basic Job Skills Even After You Climb The Ladder

After putting in years of hard work, you have finally made your way to a senior position. There are new dragons to slay here and, of course, greater heights to conquer. Your new role demands that you focus on new areas and come up with customised and permanent solutions for complicated scenarios. So, yes, this means that you will have to work on developing a new set of skills and take your abilities to the next level. But does that mean you can bid your old skills goodbye? Definitely, not!

The basic skills that you learn in the first few years of your professional journey are meant to be nurtured not discarded or stashed away. These valuable skills will help you navigate your new challenges and only enrich your experience. Here’s how:

Your Building Needs A Foundation


However big or small, there is no building without a foundation. So, whether you are a developer or a writer, you have to master your basics and put the foundation stones in place before you build on it. For a developer, without knowing how basic code works, and how each line of code interacts with each other to bring a product to life, you cannot possibly nail greater challenges like driving entire product cycles. Similarly, if you are a blogger without being sure about your grammar and without knowing how to craft clear, precise sentences, you’ll find it hard to deliver content solutions to your clients.

It Makes Evolution Possible


Compare yourself to a developer or a writer twenty years ago and you’ll notice how jobs have changed in the past decades. With the coming of technology and new methods popping up, we constantly have to play catch up while on the job. But, when you are well aware of how the basics work, you won’t struggle too much. For example, the way you build a website may have changed drastically in the past twenty years. However, if you look closely the basic groundwork wouldn’t have changed much. Same goes for a blog, while it is written differently from, say, a newspaper editorial, the basics of communication and language don’t change.

You’ll Never Rest On Your Laurels


Well, as a senior developer or an editor, it’s easy to become complacent and rely on your past achievements. But take a moment to rewind and remember your first days on the job. You’ll see a young professional who was forever raring to go and never took anything for granted. That hunger can do you a world of good when you are in a senior position (after all it is what got you here in the first place). The basic need to bring the best you’ve got to the table, no matter how senior you are, will only push you to greater heights.

You’ll Have Happy Customers


Imagine you are presenting a product that your team has built to a client. And the client asks a question about how a feature works. Now, you haven’t really worked on the coding so you let your client know the same. In the next two seconds, you’ll also see a look of disappointment settle on your client’s face. But if you are aware of the basics and have a thorough understanding of code itself, it will take you just a minute or two to figure it out and answer the query. When you are, at all times, able to inform your client on why the product works the way it does, then, you are bound to have happy clients.

Similarly, if you are a writer, when you handle a client’s requirements you need to able to advise them on what sort of content will work for them and what won’t. What is the style that their product should showcase and what kind of content will get them the attention of the target audience? Only when you understand the different types of content that are out there and how it works will you be able to make a content strategy work.

When you make your way up the ladder at your workplace, give yourself a pat on the back and make a mental note never to forget your basic skills. They’ll take you a long way.


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