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5 Reasons Why Organisations Should Build A Talent Pool


In this age of mega businesses and startups, there’s a lot riding on every decision you take. This is especially true with the kind of talent you hire. In order to build successful products and services, it is critical that every one of your talent force delivers. This places a whole lot of pressure on your hiring team, don’t you think?

However, if you want to make hiring easier and more reliable, building a talent pool will do you good. Putting together a database of talent from all fields (seriously, don’t restrict yourself) can reap rich benefits. And the truth is, the benefits go well beyond just covering the HR aspect. Here are five reasons why you should start building a versatile, talent pool for your company:

Hire Away

This is the most obvious one. With endless companies vying for the attention of talented candidates, hiring has become a rather difficult process these days. However, if you have a ready talent pool that you can tap into, then, your hiring processes can go off without a glitch. It is best that you have a talent pool that is diverse. For example, it doesn’t matter whether you don’t need a great content hire today. The need may crop up at any time. And if you have a pool of kickass writers to pick from, at that time, there’s nothing like it.

Spread The Word

You may not realise it but talent pools prove to be great marketing tools. Think about it. The more people you include in your talent pool, the better known your company is. This means that it is not enough to simply include a name, contact number and email ID to your database. You will need to interact with your talent pool as well. Keeping in touch with your talent pool, from time to time, gives you an opportunity to showcase your company and your employee-centred policies.

At Venturesity, we facilitate this process of continuous talent engagement. Hackathons and challenges, both online and offline, are a fantastic way to engage with your talent community. Read this post for more details.

Cut The Costs

While putting together a talent pool can seem like a tedious and time-consuming process, in the long run, it is also cost-effective. You will have a variety of talent to pick from and won’t have to rely on external recruiters or agencies to get the job done. Also, with the advent of social media platforms, building a credible talent pipeline will not need big budgets. Use every platform that you can to rope in talent and it will be a cakewalk when you are urgently in need of some awesome folks!

Save On Time

Money is not the only resource you will save. It will also take you lesser time to fill-in positions. Your talent pool is basically a shortlist of the right candidates. And instead of wasting your time going through scores of profiles, you can jump straight into the interview processes and other recruitment necessities. Moreover, since you know the candidates you are approaching, you can customise your hiring strategy to match their needs and aspirations to get them onboard.

Culture Match

It’s not just important to find the right skill set for the job but also gauge whether the candidate fits into your company’s culture. Regularly interacting with your talent pool will give you a clear idea about what the person is made of and whether his/her personality will enrich your organisation.


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