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5 Reasons You Should Strive To Be A Jack Of All Trades At Your Workplace

Through our growing up years, we have been constantly told that the Jack of all trades is usually the master of none. Well, a few years in the workplace and you’ll know that this is complete bogus, especially in the world that we are working in these days. We are not denying that specialists hold their own but increasingly the Jack of all trades is also carving out a hallowed space in the company.

Companies are now looking to hire people who have varied tricks up their sleeves. This is largely due to the way work cultures and roles have transformed. If you are a software engineer, there’s a good chance that you also face clients, manage teams, contribute to sales pitches and have a say in crafting the roadmap for the company. Similarly, if you are in a content role you probably are called to do way more than just write and edit. So, it only puts you in a position of advantage if you go beyond your JD and explore different roles in your company. Here’s why you should do it:

Adapt Awesome

As we mentioned before, the way companies function have drastically changed over the years. In startups especially, you find that there are a gazillion different things to do to ensure success. So, it is a situation of ‘all hands aboard’. In this scenario, your ability to adapt and stay afloat will take you places.

A Leader Is Born

Take a careful look at the business leaders around the world or even in your company. You’ll find that the men and women on top have never restricted themselves to one position. Garnering experience in different fields will only enhance your skills. This also lays the foundation for a leadership role. For a business to be successful, it requires people at the helm who have a nuanced understanding of every aspect of the business. And if you prove to be that person, then there’s nothing that can stop you.

Captain Confident

The fear of the unknown can always hold you back and keep you from realising your full potential. But if you learn and experience all aspects of your business, you’ll be fully aware of what’s in store for you when a challenge comes up. And this will make your confidence soar! There will be very little, at the workplace, that will put you on the backfoot. As a result, everyone’s bound to sit up and take notice of you when you stride ahead with confidence.

School for Free

You won’t have to shell out huge chunks of money to pick up skills in management, sales, writing, operations or HR. Your workplace can easily be turned into a hands-on school where you learn something new every day without spending a single paisa. The more you learn, the better your chances of emerging as the class topper!

All About Fun

And who says that you can’t have fun while mastering the art of being a Jack of all trades? In fact, you’ll probably have the most fun at work. If you love learning and like to be constantly challenged, then all you have to do is widen your horizons and develop skills that you’ve never had before.


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