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Top 5 Apps Boosting Team Communication & Productivity

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused efforts.”
Do you realise that we are almost through the first month of the new year? What happened to those resolutions of being organised, keeping your team productive, levelling up the team work? What about the perfect A team which you wanted to build in 2017? Don’t let your hopes of having a seamless and effective collaboration among your employees/team wash off into the drains.
Solidarity among the employees nurtures ideation, facilitates progressive strategies and promotes innovation. Disruptive technologies are revolutionising the way business run and the concept of camaraderie in a company. So here’s a little something for you to chew on; the 5 must-have apps boosting team communication and productivity for your company/team.
  1. Flock: Packed with incredibly powerful features and a slick, easy to use interface, Flock is the ideal tool for teams looking to move to a real-time communication model.  It is the #1 Team Messenger for teams with amazing capabilities. And guess what? 18th February, Venturesity and Flock are inviting you to experience the power of the FlockOS – the World’s First Chat Operating System at Flockathon. Oh, wait, forgot to mention; there are prizes worth INR 1,50,000!!!! Hell Yeah!!
  2. Slack: This is a killer app, no doubts at all. The app effectively eliminates the need for intra-office email hence gaining the title of an ’email-killer’. Besides allowing one-on-one private messaging you can also hold group conversations, which can be segmented into channels. This fun app also integrates with existing software in use, such as Dropbox, Google Drive or MailChimp.
  3. Asana: I personally love this app. It simplifies team tasking, by clear task delegation and progress tracking. Asana makes sure everybody is on the same page at all times, and the workflow is under track all the time. Other features include a simple and customizable dashboard design, centralized progress and task tracking of your project. Best out of the lot, it is free to use for teams of 12 or less!
  4. EvernoteEvernote is the best-in-class digital note taking app you would’ve ever seen.Loved by iPhone fanatics, it works by creating notebooks in relation to any/every topic; framing a rich repository of all thoughts and actions with regards to a project. These notebooks become invaluable in boosting productivity and relevant documentation for a project.
  5. One Note: Call me old fashioned, but One note is one of my all time favorites. It’s simple, it’s clean and you can work wonders with it. Upload images, write notes, attach files, create to-do lists and share notebooks with collaborators and what not. We once collaborated a whole goddamn Wikipedia for a project we worked on and rocked the floor! It has its own swag which is hard to kill. 😉

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