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Arun Kumar’s Experience at Venturesity

The following blog post is written by Arun Kumar, an enthusiastic participant in many of our hackathons. He has also won several of our online competitions, mostly our weekly Need for Code challenges, and our ongoing KooKoo challenges. He is extremely thankful to Venturesity for providing him a platform on which to show his skills. Here is his take on what it is like to take part in challenges on our platform.

Arun Kumar

Arun Kumar

Venturesity is the first portal/platform where I participated for any kind of programming hackathon. In fact, I had never participated in a hackathon before. But before jumping to hack, there were few questions in my mind (“Do I have the required skills? I was not confident even after having good industry exposure.“, “What if everyone there is more skilled and advanced than me?”, “Am I going to waste my time?” and so on) but after writing the first hackathon “Need for Code @ Venturesity” and declared as winner in first hack only followed by few more, I got the answer of all my questions and I realized that writing/participating in code hack is just fun!! Believe you me, I learned more in few weekends than I did in the last few years. Now I’m very confident to participate in any hackathon. I think that there is no doubt that Ventursity gives a platform where everyone gets equal opportunities to exhibit their skills set & ideas where

  • You get a chance to solve problems and create something completely new
  • A chance to push yourself to achieve more you ever have than ever before
  • the chance to create something for fun can be personally rewarding (My last Hack “KooKoo MashUp” )
  • A chance to get respect and recognition and prove yourself.
  • For freshers (new campus minds), Venturesity provides the best way to launch a career as a developer.

So I believe that hackathons are a time to enjoy yourself, doesn’t matter it is offline or online. There’s always something new to learn and have fun.

Also, I wish to thank Venturesity. They always give rewards (goodies/job offers) to hackers/participants on giving successful ideas that motivate you to keep engaging with Venturesity.

Aw shucks. Those are some kind words Arun! We are very happy that we are the go-to platform of your choice. We hope that you continue hacking with us and wish you the best in your career!


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