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Up, Up and Away: A Call to Woman Up!

A recent study at the Peterson Institute for International Economics and EY has shown that women in key leadership roles bring greater profitability to their employers. The encouraging results have brought great cheer among women workers across the world. And, we think, it calls for a blog post that serves as reminder to all you women, out there, that you are amazing and only make the workplace a  way better place. Here’s how!

It’s all about balance

All work and no play make Jack and Jill very, very dull. And no one gets that better than women. They are masters at creating a seamless work-life balance, and are goddesses at managing responsibilities at home and at their offices. So, it comes as little surprise that multitasking (that’s an integral part of almost every job now) is a breeze for you and you can do it with your eyes closed.

Get perspective

Whether you are building a software product or introducing a new company policy or, even, working on your next opinion piece – it is important to have to perspective. Women do a neat job of bringing that to  the table and help in broadening a company’s world-view. Having all the information and feedback, from all around the table, not just helps companies make the right decisions but also establishes a great work culture and helps crafts products that are loved by all.

Communication is key

Women tend be excellent communicators – not just are they spot on when getting their point across but are also great at listening. So whether you are a team player or a team leader, as a woman, you’ll should be able to tackle problems and chase your goals successfully. Here’s more food for thought, if all the teams in an organisation work smoothly because they are able to listen to each other, share and discuss ideas easily – what can possibly stop the company from achieving its goals?

A sense of calm

Most women bring a sense of calm to the job they have. Since women, by nature, tend to be more patient and understanding, it is easy for them to keep their composure even in the most frazzling of situations. If you are in a sticky situation, all you need to do is breathe, declutter your mind and come up with a quick and sure-shot solution that gets you out of the mess. And women, because of their multifaceted roles, are able to knock this out of the park.

So, women, are you pumped up and ready to take on the world?



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