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How Banyan Hack was an all-round success!

We, at Venturesity, truly believe that wisdom comes from innovative hacking. And to ensure wisdom spreads far and wide in the hacking community, we launched the Banyan Hack. It’s an annual event that’s targeted at students and concentrates on the theme of Machine Learning. After all, the world produces tonnes of data every minute and it will take some very brilliant minds to decipher all of . Hence mind-blowing innovations are made possible.

So, in order to get the ball rolling, we kick-started this year’s Banyan Hack at the NASSCOM Startup Warehouse on September 17, 2016. On the big day, 77 participants made their way to the venue. The event saw the participation of budding engineers from Bangalore, Mysore, Hyderabad, Chennai and, even, Pune.




Spread across two days, the hack concentrated on 10 major tracks that are key to machine learning. The gathered teams could concentrate on anything from Data Visualisation to Text Mining, Chat Bot, Image Processing, Recommender Systems and many other aspects.

As the hack got underway, the excited students got to work. Since they knew of the themes beforehand, the teams had come well-prepared and were hell-bent on giving each other tough competition. Through the day, the clusters of students did their best to impress. And the next 24 hours would see them blowing our minds! From building apps to putting together robots that solve Rubik’s cubes, the product line-up was out of this world, to say the least.


In the late hours of September 18, the teams started showcasing their programs. All the teams impressed us thoroughly with their out-of-the-box thinking, ingenuity and right doses of simplicity and attention to detail.


In the end, the top prize (of INR 10,000) went to Team NEST. Comprising of Darshan N,  Rohan Kumar, Chandramouly Kandach, and Raja Rajan – the team won for their innovation known as,  SAIL – a product that makes apps more accessible through speech.

The second place went to Team Codeblooded who won INR 5,000. The four member team was made up by Aman Mehta, Vineet Kumar, Deepak Jayaprakash, and Apeksha M K. The concentrated on keystroke biometrics. In third place came Team NAN. The two-member team of Raghav Rastogi and Shashank Agarwal built a Word2Vec model to suggest the emojis a person can use in chat.



With that it was a wrap! Congratulations to all the winners! Here’s to future Hackathons being as successful.




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