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Behaviour of non-tech hackathons

When you hear the word hackathon, all that comes to your mind is a room full of coders! With the rising popularity of hackathon culture, one thing that has been realized is that building transformative products requires more than the coding skills alone. With time, hackathons are becoming events open to anyone willing to build and learn. The number of non-tech attendees has been increasing day by day at the hacks. This has given a major boost to the companies in organizing non-technical hackathons to hire correct talent and crowdsource innovative ideas for real-world problems.
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So what is a non-technical hackathon?
Think of it this way: What would a perfect marriage of a hackathon and case competition give? This pretty much sums it all. Teams of tech and non-tech hackers can come together to brainstorm, strategize, and create a solution to real world problems faced by companies in various industries (technology, banking, medical, etc.). Creativity, collaboration, and innovative ideas will be their craft in creating effective and adaptable solutions that can reshape companies’ business strategies.
How does it ideally work?
As mentioned before the teams come together to brainstorm on a particular problem statement. Ultimately, the teams present their final solution using power point slides(mostly). The solution can be an advertising/marketing campaign, a mindmap, schematic for a demo, a conceptual pitch for a product design, a business proposal, … there are endless options! If time and the format permit you may also need to present a working prototype or so.
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And of course, the regular perks, huzz and buzz and a gala time of 24 hours are what you can expect at a hack. So summing it up a non-tech hack is awesome because of the following reasons:
  • Non-tech hiring done right! You will have the best folks to choose from.
  • Hackathon will help them develop and showcase data savvy and problem-solving abilities.
  • It’s like building your own R&D team in a day
  • Last but not the least it is one hell of a party!

We at Venturesity are launching our very own series of non-tech hiring hackathons with companies and startups to die for. Product managers, Graphic designers, Sales professionals you name it! We’ve got them all covered. Register and step into a Venturesity Hack today because:


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