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5 Things Your Business Needs To Automate ASAP

The first rule of any technology used in a business is that : Automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify it’s efficiency. Ultimately if you value your time and want to get your tasks done faster then, automation is the key. From self driving cars to self lacing shoes, you have it all so why not your business? There are 5 significant levers that give one prime reasons to automate their businesses.
  • Automation simplifies the communication in business processes
  • When a workflow is automated, the accountability of the owner at each step enhances effectively
  • By automation you can minimize costs due to manual errors and inefficiency
  • By automation you can develop a vision of the evolution and impact of your business process
  • A workflow automated business processes is well implemented and ensured hierarchy of approval at each step guarantees much lesser manual intervention
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Smart work is crucial, and much more useful. You require your employees to focus on efficiency and productivity. This is where automation comes into play.Automation streamlines the workflow process so that crucial projects are in focus and the repetitive day-to-day tasks are taken care of. But when you talk about automating business processes what should be topping your list?
  • Recruitment: Almost everything about the recruiting process is ripe for automation; From collecting resumes to screening candidates automation covers everything for you.
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  • Your content and social media marketing: Right from your monthly campaigns to newsletters and emails, everything should be automated.  Apps like Hootsuite and Sprout Social let you schedule and automate posts, optimize them for the most engagement, and help you manage your followers.
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  • Expense Tracking and accounting: You need applications which can scan receipts then save them so you can create an expense report and send it off to accounting. Such automated processes saves money and time as a plus. Apps like Botkeeper is like a robot helping you with accounting. It can record financial transactions, answer questions, and keep track of your expenses.
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  • Email and cyber security: Still sending mails manually? Time to rethink your strategies. Email marketing and mass mailing now runs out of automation everywhere, it’s high time you revamped yours. Similarly there are path-breaking innovations being developed in cyber security  services. Helped by machine learning, the services can  automatically detect and act against suspicious activity adding an extra leg to your security provisions.Image result for email automation gif
  • Time sheets and asset tracking: The entire time-tracking process and employee activity should  be automated. This solves your issues of employee compliance to the working hours of the company. Bluetooth Low energy devices and RFID tags can be used to keep a track of your assets and their movement.Image result for time sheet icon


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