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Bug-A-Sur Bugathon recapped – A Partner’s POV

TechHub Bangalore witnessed a unique event on October 22! The stage for the Bug-A-Sur Hack was set. And early startups had signed on to see testers take their newly-built apps apart. Vebbler, Reaching Soon, and HealthMonk brought along their apps to be tried and tested by a bunch of brilliant testers. At the start of the day-long event, around 75 testers flocked in to showcase their skills and shine a light on the bugs and roadblocks of each app.

Akshat Saxena, of Vebbler, was sure that the Bug-A-Sur hack would be the perfect to showcase his company’s app in front of the testing community while also providing a golden opportunity to garner early-bird feedback. Sanya Malik, from HealthMonk, and Gaurang Kanvinde, from Reaching Soon, also agreed that since early startups like theirs had limited manpower the chance to get their apps tested by leading testers was simply unmissable.



This was probably the first time companies were eager to see their products been torn apart. And the makers of the app were looking forward to feedback on issues in security, usability, performance and, of course, overall user experience. Sanya Malik emphasised that they were looking for no lesser than an “exhaustive list of bugs to know the flaws of our product better…”


With the agenda clearly spelt out, the testers excitedly got to work. They explored every nook and cranny of the app and drew out small and big bugs in the apps lined-up in front of them. At the end of the gruelling day, the app makers unanimously agreed that the event had thrown up some very valuable lessons for them. Vebbler was shown issues in security and usability. And they are determined to incorporate this feedback into their product, in the near future.




Similarly, HealthMonk’s Sanya Malik said that while the testers came up with a few known glitches, they also highlighted plenty of unknown ones. And that the tech team at HealthMonk had its task cut out in the coming days. Reaching Soon too affirmed that the event was useful in pointing out key communication and security issues with their app. This was important to find and close up since the Reaching Soon app will be handling sensitive personal information when it is launched in the market.


While all the app makers agreed that Bug-A-Sur was an awesome event, it was not less awesome for the brilliant testers gathered at the hack. Testers like Ajay, Gautam, and Aditi were declared the winners of the day and took home bags of goodies.

Congratulations to the winners!



Ajay Balamurugadas

Thanks to the folks at Venturesity and the app owners for organizing such a contest and giving away goodies. Special thanks to my team members and partners-in-crime Sundaresan Krishnaswami, Santhosh Tuppad and Pranav K S, we were able to win goodies for every app.

Looking forward to the future events.
Feel free to contact us if you need any testing help. Thanks.
Skype: ajay184f

Rohit Gupta

Congrats again to you and your team! Glad you could be a part of Bug-A-Sur. See you at our next event!

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