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Bugs kept at bay At Bugasur Bangalore 2017

‘We came, we saw, we caught over 1000 bugs!’ – An enthusiastic tester at Bugasur Bangalore 2017.


What is Bugasur?

We all dream of a bug-free world of apps. Bugasur helps make that dream a reality. Meet India’s fastest growing community of testers! Ever imagined how much more you could grow with quality checking your website, app or extension? Where else could you get your product tested for performance, User experience and flow by over 500+ testers in a few hours? We promise you a strong, sexy and one-of-a-kind tester experience at Bugasur! Previous editions have seen over 3000+ bugs found and validated. We’re only getting started. Why not join us on this journey?

Bugasur Bangalore Jan 2017 recapped:

1000 bugs later, 120 confident and ecstatic testers stood in front of our very own Paras Pundir wondering how much more fun a Saturday evening could’ve been. They were fresh from debugging and testing iOS and Android apps provided by Rentomojo, Vebbler, Bottr and Pixstory. Having entered the bugathon with an open mind somewhat aware of the possibilities, Bugasur’s 3rd edition had clearly been designed to knock their socks off!

Held at the uber cool Thought Factory in 10000 Startups, Diamond District, a climate for innovation and reinvention had been set up in which enthusiastic testers were ‘put to the test’ and challenged to debug some of the country’s hottest apps to win the cash bounty of INR 70k in just 4 hours. The stage was set; our modern-day gladiators were registered and raring to go….


Brief introductions by the app owners followed specific instructions for each app on how and what to test for. The 4 hour timer was started and the testers began their process of dissection and scrutiny of each app. Men and women tested alongside each other, some in teams while others fought a lone war.


Surely, in no time the bugs started being reported on the Venturesity platform for the app owners to test and validate. Everything from UI errors to login defuncts and data disambiguity were reported and shared by our tester community. App owners certainly stood to gain a lot from Bugasur as QA testers tend to test from a single POV and from a traditional approach. Cross platform, cross UI and cross software approaches mean a lot more bugs found, a lot more cleaning up and sturdier and stronger apps as a result for a fraction of the cost of hiring professional testers or investing 4-6 months of testing each app. Great ROI for apps being a part of Bugasur!




True delight followed after testing when winners were announced – this time with a twist! The prize for Mr & Mrs Bugasur were announced!


Winners for each app were announced and received INR 10k, 5k and 3k respectively. Not a bad payout for a few hours work. Well done to all participants and testers – here’s to Bugasur being a bigger and badder community in the near future!




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