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Bugasur- A tester’s dose of happiness!


So, when Bugasur came to Venturesity, he was hungry. He was looking for food, so we gave him some food for thought instead. “How about we give you 50 top notch testing geniuses to hunt for bugs to satiate your hunger?” He agreed, they came, they conquered and found the bugs from every nook and corner in full swag. Bugasur Hackathon, Mumbai saw some sensational testing routines in a rocketing time of 5 hours!





“Pretty good testing is easy to do (that’s partly why some people like to say ‘testing is dead’– they think testing isn’t needed as a special focus because they note that anyone can find at least some bugs some of the time). Excellent testing is quite hard to do.”— James Bach


And when you have 3 most coveted apps of the market to test, the bars are infinitely high. As soon as everybody was on board we disclosed the names of the three apps and people started the ultimate testing Marathon.


What were the apps?








Pricebaba– Pricebaba is a price intelligence engine, that would redefine the way you shop. It helps you buy any electronic device at the lowest price.


Haptik– Haptik is a smartphone app – Everyone’s Personal Assistant to get things done over chat. So, just outsource your headache to a Haptik Assistant with a simple message, sit back and tend to the other important things in life.


Flyrobe– Flyrobe offers premium fashion on rent – both women’s and men’s wear now. Currently live in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad & Ahmedabad.



The judges were the app owners and they judged the participants majorly on 3 criteria:

  • Explanation of the bug found by the tester
  • Severity of the bug found
  • Reproducibility of the bug by the tester

The testers could use any testing parameters to detect as many bugs as possible. So they lost no time, teamed up and started the bug hunt.


“The importance of a tester community is often overlooked but it can do more for you and your business than you think. Building or fostering a tester community around your business can serve many crucial functions. As a founder or a CEO, you need to provide your company with an efficient testing community to help you hone early versions or updates to your product. We were enthralled to see the excitement amidst the participants. There were some revelations that came to us as a surprise. This is why I look forward to such hacks”, quoted one of the app owners.


Venturesity has always focussed on the importance of community building for startups. It’s an ecosystem, and any one element missing will disturb the balance. Testing is an integral part of the community and Bugasur is one of its kind hack in the country dedicated to testing. Testers work on actual mobile and web apps, find and report any and all bugs and win big cash bounties from app owners themselves.


Talking about bounties, I need to mention the winners!


Arpit Patel[ BrowserStack] & Yeshwant Singh[ BrowserStack]


Sybil Thomas[ Androsonic] & Steffy Thomas[ Zycus Infotech]


Mahesh Chikane[ Zycus Infotech] & Disha Reddy[ Zycus Infotech]


Deepak Pedagada[ Capegemini] & Suaeb Ahemad[ Capegemini]




Mahesh Chikane[ Zycus Infotech] & Disha Reddy[ Zycus Infotech]


1st runner up- Kashyap[ Tcs] & Yogi Deshmukh[ Amdocs]


2nd runner up- Viral Jain[ Capegemini] & Anurag Uttam[ IBM]




Winners- Sybil Thomas[ Androsonic] & Steffy Thomas[ Zycus Infotech]


1st Runner Up- Prathmesh Chavan[ Xoriant] & Ashish Ahuja[ Xoriant]


2nd Runner Up- Shashildhar[ Mobisoft Infotech] & Chandra Shankar[ Mango Apps]


Each of the app founders had their own basket full of joys for the winners which had loads of gift vouchers, fancy gizmos and a ton of other cool stuff. After handing over the bounties, the judges thanked all the participants for their efforts and for making Bugasur such a successful event.








It all wrapped up in no time and the guys killed it at Bugasur! Bangalore done, Mumbai done. What’s next? Stay tuned to Venturesity challenges, ‘coz the show has just begun!





Abhijeet Vaikar

Awesome. Next place Pune please?

Paras Pundir

Hey Abhijeet, we will surely be doing in Pune soon. Keep posted.

Mahesh Chikane

Big Thank You to Ventursity. Awesome event it was. We won quite a few awards, but something which was more precious for my entire team from Zycus is the experience we had there. Waiting for next Bugasur. Happy Testing 🙂

Rohit Gupta

Glad you had fun Mahesh! Watch out for bigger and more Bugasurs coming to Mumbai, Pune and India in 2017!


That’s an apt answer to an innreestitg question


Thanks For Sharing!

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