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Career scopes in Digital Marketing

“We are in the throes of a transition where every publication has to think of their digital strategy”~ Bill Gates, Founder, Microsoft

The internet today is where business happens. What once was a technical wonder, today is a platform where revolution happens. Marketing is no more restricted to banner ads and pamphlets. It’s a whole new digital world altogether. Social media portals, content creation, email marketing, designing, analysing data, SEO/SEM and so much more makes up the broad topic of digital marketing. To get into digital marketing, it is essential to have a knowledge about all the areas encompassing digital marketing. We can now delve deep in to various scopes of learning digital marketing.

online mareting

Content creation

Creating blogs with original content is the best way to drive in traffic to the website. People are always on a search for useful resources which would help them clear the confusing aspects of the topic they want to know about. A writer is also responsible for creating content for the website as well as advertisements. Effectively selling your product line to your online audience with just your words cannot be everyone’s cup of tea after all.


Increasing the page ranking and page visibility of a website is of utmost importance in organic marketing (unpaid marketing). SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps in improving the page rank on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a way of increasing the page visibility via sponsored ads and placements. Those who are into SEM should also know about PPC (Pay per click) campaigns to push in more traffic.

Social Media Marketing


Social media platforms is the best place to reach out to your customers. A good social media marketeer should be competent in utilizing the power of social media in order to build the brand image of your organization.

Web Designer/Developer

A website is the first way of creating an impression in the industry. A designer’s creative bent of mind paints the entire theme of the company on its website. Developing this idea into a concrete website is the next thing that follows. Those who are skilled in designing and/or developing, digital marketing is where you should be.

Mobile Marketing

Anything on mobile is the trend. Creating mobile marketing strategies and implementing them includes promos, instant updates, push notifications, offers and information that can interest a customer on that 5 inch screen. A mobile freak is the best fit for mobile marketing.

Web Analytics


Creating a website, iterating designs, writing rich content- everything might go for a toss if proper analysis is not done. Traffic analysis and thorough market and business research is very important to propel website traffic. A web analytics person should be well versed with Google analytics as well as other analytic tools available to minutely observe how a website is performing.

Change is constant, and in the digital world it happens in bat of an eye lid. To be in sync with what is happening and staying updated with the various techniques of digital marketing, register for our Digital Marketing course now.

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