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Why Do We Click On A Social Media Ad?

Our brain is a wondrous creation. It is limitless and not somebody that keeps quiet that easy. There are questions, an urge to find answers and interrogate back. It’s never at peace. But advertisers cleverly hack such complex mechanisms of thinking and use it to their interests. Ever wondered why you click on a random ad on social media platforms? Is it the beguiling design, the bold content or maybe just an impulse? The answer is as complex as the question.
  • The common marketing sense:  Impulses and responses are the results of actionable neurons firing and sparking in our heads. It’s what the advertisers create and who they target that bridges the gap between an ad and a user. Pictures, videos, gifs and their relevance to the target audience is what’s important. For an example, people in the cooking industry will probably not be interested in something that is relevant to biking. Such basic marketing senses are what go behind the making of an ad which is likable and clickable. The anatomy of a perfect ad has many aspects which the marketers deeply think about.
  • Psychology of persuasion: At end of all reasons comes persuasion. And advertising employs this science to its purpose. There are various factors that influence your thoughts and action. Your immediate urge to click an ad might arise out of a situation, emotion or even predilection factors. Advertisers understand this psychology of persuasion and hence a good ad triggers your senses. The bullets following this point may be considered a subset.
  • Image and Videos: An image or a video is a Call to action in itself. Your subconscious mind feels an urge to open/click a picture/video ad to unravel what’s within. Not any image works, the context, the photographic POV, and the target have to be kept in mind. If you’re hungry you will surely click on a zomato ad in the corner of the website you’re surfing.
  • Description: Certain words in the ad get you hitched to it. Short, crisp and compelling descriptions win your curiosity and make you click. The first work is done by the headlines, image or the cover video. Then comes in the description. They invite a call to action by saying “for more details click here”. Correct words, captions crying out for attention and actionable buttons or (CTA) is what gets you up and running.
  • Let the machine do the talking: Machine Learning has reached unimaginable milestones in digital advertising. Your each online activity tells the marketers inside-out about your online behavior. It understands what you have been clicking in the past, what you click today and what you wish to click tomorrow. It couples up with complex algorithms and gets the best ranked potential clicks in front of you. If so much of thinking goes into it, it’s bound to succeed at some levels right? And lo, you’re sold out on it.
Today this click business is huge and the amount spent on Social Media advertising is expected to increase by a whopping $37 billion in 2017! Amazon is one of the world’s most highly trafficked sites and the delivery of relevant advertising to shopping customers is a key company strategy and rapidly growing source of revenue. The ad: clicks Hack preserved this essence in every sense and was a huge win. The Amazon Kindle Challenge is up next on the charts. We are ready, are you?

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