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Rhyme & Reason- All That Happened At Code/Word/Play

2017’s 1st weekend marked the beginning of a story never heard before. It was a communion of bards entwining rhyme and reason together. Such archaic English, much wow? Well, let’s not make it more complicated and let me quickly take you through the recap of a fantastic event called Code/Word/Play. Code/Word/Play was a celebration of literature and code by Gathr and Venturesity. The event could be deciphered is so many ways. It could be a human language poetry contest that has mathematical elements and codes in it or even code that aims for elegant expression.
Over 20 idiosyncratic literature and coding enthusiasts gathered together to walk this road to code. From coders interested in poetry to lawyers interested in coding, this event saw it all. Badri, Ashwin, Arvind and Gowri from Gathr together with our very own ‘mathecodepoetomatician’ Bharat and lively Paras from Venturesity kickstarted the event. TB Dinesh, founder of Servelots with over 20 years of experience in computing domain helped in facilitating the event.
Interesting rounds of discussions set ablaze a thousand thoughts on the table. Re-imagining a computer programming language as a form of literary expression was the immediate hot topic. However, the discussions finally narrowed down to 2 broad topics.
  • Similarities and differences between coding and poetry
  • Exploring strategies from literature and creative writing that can add richness to the experience of writing or interacting with code
During the course of the discussion, it emerged that a coder, Mayank, is inventing a computing language inspired by Michael Jackson! We were equally stunned when we heard this. He explains it as a new esoteric programming language, as a tribute to the King of Pop. He also revealed that he wishes to improve it to the point wherein he could use the lyrics of the MJ songs to write code. You can check it out for yourself here.
As the day progressed, the beautiful minds got to work. Saurav, Vivek and Bharat came up with a poem centered around specifications of a computer. e.g. RAM, processing speed, hard drive etc. The computer would rap out its specifications. Other amazing ideas that emerged out were:
  • A way to check whether a book/poem would be successful in the market (perhaps using stylometric analysis)
  • Insulting people in a creative way from mythology e.g. I am gonna kick your ASTRA!
  • Sentiment analysis of a poem, and converting it into a graphical format
  • Computer code generating poetry and much more!
Time flew by and the day swiftly progressed towards its end. The trans-disciplinary exercise was highly appreciated by both the organizers and the attendees and a unique event was nearing its closure. People were in awe of the concept and wondered what it would be like to fuse code and music next. Everybody took it down on their bucket list for 2017. And when you wish it, we fulfill it so who knows you might soon be crossing that item out! The new year started with a bang, wait up for more awesomeness in the coming days.
Keep the code running!

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