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College students, all you need is a Venture Hack!

So what’s so cool about Venture Hack?
Every hackathon is the same. A Problem statement, some code and caffeine. Win some crappy goodies and take home some cash.
Go back to your bunker, drink some beer and sleep.

End of the story! Yes? No!

Welcome to Venture Hack. We’ll tell you why it’s so special.

                                               4 online hacks
                                     500+ Colleges across India
                            40,000+ Coders from all over the country

That’s a lot of stuff isn’t it? Let us help you comprehend it better in the Venturesity way.

V- Voracious Student Hackers
Yes, we are looking out for voracious hackers. Students who eat, drink and sleep code. Who follow hacking as a religion. A hack so exclusive for college students that you will die to code for it! So hackers get ready!

E- Everybody’s Invited
It’s an all India Hack. No boundaries. Every state, every city, a hacker snoring in his dorm room! A college going or college dropout we don’t have a problem. A fresh hacking marathon for freshers only.

N- No restrictions
Freedom! Oh Yeah! Smell it in the air. Whether it might be the coding language, your coding hideout, location, gender or college! You have your right to freedom of everything.

T- Team Up
Got a team? Why fly solo? March in with your company and conquer the battlefield! Form a team of 3 hackers.

U- Use your imagination
Come up with amazing solutions for the problem statements. No constraints! Let your imagination fly, integrate stuff together and build awesome applications and products.

R- Race to win
Only a limited number of teams will go to the finale. Race your heart and hacks out! Because the finale has prizes worth a whopping INR 1,00,000 up for grab!!!

E- Earn amazing prizes and internships
Internship with top notch companies, each weekly challenge winner gets INR 5000.
And the Grand finale winner walks away with prizes worth INR 1,00,000!!!

Yes, oh yes!
That sums up for the V-E-N-T-U-R-E and for the HACK well let’s just say, may the hack be with you!

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Pratik Saurav
(Venturesity Team)



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