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Computer Programming Learnup Review

“When the middle is well and good, the past is repaired and the future is prepared.”
That’s what happened during this past weekend, i.e., on 11th July in our Fundamentals Of Computing Learnup.
Participants, mostly consisting of college students and working employees, started arriving at the venue around 10 a.m. Kartik and yours truly took care of the registration process. The learnup started with a brief introduction to Venturesity, and then the mentors for the session, Ganesh Samarthyam, Freelance Corporate Trainer and author, and Arvind Devaraj, owner of Hyperbook(Limitless), introduced themselves to the participants.
Ganesh started off the session with a warm-up exercise on basics of computing in the form of a quiz.Through this exercise we saw participants of all ages getting involved actively. It lasted for around 2 hours. Ganesh kept it light hearted; in particular, during the QA session, he was at his humorous best cracking jokes that were much appreciated by the audience.
After this, participants had a short fifteen minute break during which they let down their hair, as it were. After the break, Arvind took the lead and talked about data structures and sorting. Ganesh gave the participants an exercise to solidify the concepts learnt.
Then participants broke for lunch during which they continued their interaction with the mentors clearing and clarifying doubts.
Post lunch, Ganesh took the podium again, and continued discussing about data structures like trees,stacks,queues and heaps, as well as hashing algorithms. Arvind rounded off his part of the session by talking about his website and a little bit of what he does.
Ganesh finished off by talking about a few mini-projects that could be completed within a reasonable time frame. (Get your feet wet by completing these projects! These projects are a good way to hone your skill.) After thanking the participants (without your participation, this would not have been such a success!), the session was concluded.
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