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Cool projects that came out of Opiniothon


The last weekend was brainstorming for most of us who attended the Opinothon. The 24 hr hackathon was exciting with their proper arrangements blah blah blah…Wait! Wait! Don’t close your window all of a sudden. This is not one of the usual ‘what happened in the last hack’ blogs.

This time, we will focus more on the products the developers developed at the hack. But before we go into the details, we must make note of the fact that there was a larger number of girls that turned up than usual. So kudos to all you gals who made it to the hack!

Now, let’s go back to the hack itself. To understand what products were developed, we need to know what the problem statements were.

The hackers had to choose from among the following four problem statements: developer tools as a vertical, a data visualization toolbox to visualize large data, a next generation customer relationship management tool and Logistics in India. The participants had the freedom to work on anyone of them.

The head of engineering in opinio, Abhinav Jain, and the co-founder, Lokesh were the judges and also the helping hands for the hackathon.

Here were some of the ideas that came up during the hack (along with prize money details):

Most innovative idea: Team Sparks – 10k prize and cool gadgets worth 5k for each member

Team Sparks

The idea was to get the product delivered to the customer’s doorsteps through the shortest path possible. Once the customer requests for checkout a popup is shown “Know a shortcut. Share it”. This will allow the customer to add nodes from the source to destination on a map shown on the application. These nodes can be used to reach the destination from the source, this path can be the same or vary from the one suggested by google maps. If in case this path provides a faster and shorter path to the destination then the customer will be given an incentive for helping the app. Eg: 5% off on the next 5 deliveries. The delivery person can also upvote this path to give more weightage for the shortcut provided.

Click on this link to know more about their project.

Most innovative idea: Team Builders  – 10k prize and cool gadgets worth 5k for each member


They built an application for the user to interactively guide the delivery person to a specified address, by drawing a map and guiding while on call. It gives real-time updates about the delivery and uses geo-fencing for pre-notification of delivery.

Check out this link for further details.

Second Runner-up: The Great Gatsby – 25k prize and cool gadgets worth 5k for each member

great gatsby

How can you order food if there is a network/server outage? This team came up with an answer for that by shadowing the dependency on a master server using a hyperlocal server which takes over the control.

For further details about their project, and the technologies they used, check out this link.

First Runner-up: Globsol – 40k prize and cool gadgets worth 5k for each member


They came up with the idea of giving the customer the option to choose between ads. The customer gets an option to see the ads he/she likes and also gets notification based on the content of their choice.They build a message mining app based on filters set by a user like BOGO,onions at 15rs,snacktime deals etc. A back-end CRM analytics tool will be available with Opinio that will help them understand user wants, plan their logistics accordingly and utilise data to have better partnerships with their service providers.

Find out more here.

Winner: Amber Blue – 50k prize and cool gadgets worth 5k for each member


To tackle the problem of receiving too many promotional offers this team came up with a solution. They collect data about what the user likes and dislikes, their spending pattern. They integrated social networking websites and through that predicted the customer preference.

To see why they walked away the winner, check out their code here.

Inspired to hack away at a few cool ideas? Whet your appetite by taking part in the GreytipHR hackathon and Amazon hacks held this weekend.


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