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Meet the Winners of “The Corona Labs Game Hack”!

“Gamers don’t die, they respawn.”

For a country obsessed with software developers and programmers, this quote is quite appropriate. The new breed of game developers has been successful in bringing quick turnarounds. The game development industry has become much more promising today than it used to be. The great combination: imagination, graphics and of course their codes are making Indian games climb ladders.

And we at Venturesity have a special love for such folks. We have always promoted game development through our hacks and online challenges. Our recent game hack in association with Corona Labs made us believe that the future stars of Indian game development scenes are here right with us! They blew our minds with their amazing games. We interviewed the winners Aseem and Abdul. Getting up close and personal with the winners gave us a sneak peek into their lives and thoughts. Here’s what they had to say.


Aseem’s love for digital graphics started way back in his school days when he used to sketch as a hobby. His hobby made him believe that he would create his own cartoon characters one day. With time, this became his passion and before anyone could guess he mastered Web Development. His thirst was not quenched; he wanted to do something exciting and to give the user the complete control over the graphics. A game was what he wanted to build and he did whatever it took him to build one! He started off with Unity3D and moved over to open source game engine Cocos2d-x and it took him 2 months to set it up! “I am not kidding. I hated setting up things and I wasn’t good at programming at that time. It was my love for C++ and my passion for game development that kept me going.” And ever since then he has never looked back.

“I am not kidding. I hated setting up things and I wasn’t good at programming at that time. It was my love for C++ and my passion for game development that kept me going,” he says, with a smile. And ever since then he has never looked back.

And ever since then he has never looked back.


So what’s your game about?

Space Baby is a variation of my other idea. It’s in space where a glowy baby is lost and you’ve to reach him. But you’ve gotta make sure you collect all the stars before you reach him as he loves eating stars. This game is a mix of challenges and thrill weaved with fast moving objects, all present there to stop reaching your space baby. And yeah, you can enjoy particles and graphics of the game too. This final submission was a basic version and I’ve ideas for adding many more fun elements in the game.


How challenging was the integration of CORONA SDK in your game?

Believe me; I made the prototype with one level and dummy graphics in just ~35 hrs over 3-4 days after I installed the engine. Their marketing “10x faster development” is no joke. Corona’s SublimeText auto-complete plugin was of great help. Multi-resolution and most of the game testing was done using Corona’s Simulator which updates the game almost instantly as the code files are saved. Corona GUI is great (can be improved though) but has just the right tools to be really good games. It took me less an hour to be comfortable with the composer GUI!


So what’s in for future? Any other games in the pipeline?

Yes, I do have plans. With Corona SDK, the hackathon game was my first experience. I’ll complete this game in Corona SDK with Corona ads as it provides a really easy set of APIs. I have a lot of ideas in my list to help me create many more levels in ‘Space Baby’. Also, I’ll have to revamp graphics for consistency and aesthetic reasons. I’ve got plans to release both games on Android first.


What’s your message to your fellow hackers?

Don’t underestimate your passion; it can help teach you lot of things which you’re not even capable of currently! Sometimes, people are stuck in a never-ending cycle of adding more ideas in a game idea and never start the development because all energy is lost there. If you don’t know where to start, then start making prototypes (with core logic and dummy graphics) and make small games, so that you can complete them. User experience is the key to the success of a game.

Here’s a screenshot of his Space Baby

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 8.26.22 pm


Abdul Nafey AhmadAbdul

Abdul Nafey Ahmad has always been fascinated by games, and right from the early days of his coding career he dabbled in it. The first functional game he made was a Snake clone. He says, “As I enjoy making things and am an avid gamer I find that making games gives me a lot of satisfaction. Moreover, the success of App & Play store as a distribution platform makes things a lot easy.”


Tell us everything about the game hack!

The Game Hack was a pretty good experience. I have been looking for an opportunity to get back into Game Development for some time and the timing was perfect. For this competition, I chose to make a turn based tactical game using the Corona SDK. The inspiration behind this game was the Fire Emblem series and the Heroes of Might and Magic series.


How did you go about integrating the Corona SDK?

Well, Corona SDK was a joy to use. Corona’s language of choice is Lua, which is extraordinarily expressive even though it is relentlessly minimalist. Similarly, Corona SDK eschews the myriad configuration files in favour of a simplified code base. This allows for greater levels of control than most other game engines. Also, the Corona engine is built from the ground up to be device resolution independent which is something you have to fiddle around a bit with most other engines. Finally, the documentation is exceptional and something which other projects/frameworks should try to emulate.


What’s the roadmap you’ve planned?

The future plan is to finish this game and polish it enough to publish it on Play Store. The intention is to make a professional product which is fun and engaging. I did publish a game earlier on the Play Store which was an infinite runner, but it was never finished and has a couple (of hundred) rough edges.After I finish this project, I do have several other game ideas but all of them require resources beyond the capabilities of a single developer, so I hope to find more like minded people.


Screenshot of Abdul's game

Screenshot of Abdul’s game

Can we have a winning speech? *chuckles* 😉

It is a great privilege to have an opportunity with necessary skills and knowledge to make things that other people care for. We should be grateful for our position and try to achieve perfection and push the boundaries. Even if you fail, your failure can serve as an ingredient for someone else’s success. Also, if you are passionate about game development and want to collaborate with me, please reach out.


Each of these winners were awarded INR 20,000 and a golden opportunity to monetize their games with the help of Corona Labs. Game hacks like these give an impetus to the brilliant minds striving to put Indian game development on the world map.

It was a great experience talking to these folks. Their enthusiasm and energy reflects in their talks and they have a long way to go.  It’s time to find the Game Guy in you and do something amazing.  Whether it be outsourcing the game developers or building games in-house, India is emerging as a great space for it. Ignite the light and let it shine!



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