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A Techy Tuesday evening at DATA NERDS LEARNUP

Informative talks, a few questions, some pepping pizza slices, some chilling out with drinks and voila! We have a perfect recipe for a perfect learnup camp.Who knew even after a tiring Tuesday’s work the masses would make a learnup camp so happening! AppLift, an international team of dedicated technology enthusiasts, passionate about mobile and advertising organized a learnup session on Big Data yesterday evening at their office in Koramangala. A horde of more than 80 enthusiasts from in and around Bangalore joined the learnup session with an interest for learning something new.

Tim Koschella, CEO and Co-founder of AppLift addressing the crowd

The event began at around 7:30 with a formal welcome and introductory speech by Tim Koschella, CEO and Co-founder of AppLift. When interviewed about the importance of their operations in India, Koschella reported, “I am really happy with the turnout and the interest of people towards the technology and company. India is not only important to as a delivery or a development center but is also a vital part of the organization for their global functioning. We began with a small office in Gurgaon initially, but we are now carrying out the India operations completely from Bangalore. We have also come up with an AppLift Innovation Labs at San Francisco for development and execution of new and innovative ideas.”

Guna Kakulapati, CTO India Operations was the second speaker who addressed the attendees of the event. Also addressed as the Tech Rockstar of the company, Guna started off his lecture by posing a question to the crowd,”How many of you find the ads annoying?” After the obvious response by the crowd, he started explaining how Applift works on solving this problem and optimizing the same to enhance the user experience as well as deliver the value proposition to their customers.

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A full house session of BigData enthusiasts

After Guna, the final session was delivered by Dipa Dubhashi, the Head of Product Management at Sigmoid Analytics. He gave a very informative presentation on Fast Interactive analytics on 100Tb data using Apache Spark. His presentation had broad coverage of the Use-Case Business Problems and the architectural details of Spark for a clear understanding of Spark Ecosystem, Parquet and Hadoop Distributed File System(HDFS). He supported his explanations with various case studies and explanation of Real Time Tracking of things. An interesting Q/A session followed his presentation after which Aiste Povilaikaite,  Marketing & Events Manager of AppLift, concluded the learnup camp thanking the attendees for their presence and inviting them for Pizza and drinks.

Happy faces!
Happy faces at the event.

As soon as the Pizza Patrolling began, the attendees also engaged themselves in rounds of discussions with the speakers and fellow attendees. There were happy faces discussing the technologies, and their experiences. As a matter of fact, teams for the upcoming Hackathon of Applift were formed on the spot!

Raghvendra(Gift Zapp), Devendra(Zafin Labs) and Tushar(Smarter.Codes) found the meetup very interesting and were engrossed in discussions with each other.“It was my first experience at a meetup like this and with the technologies discussed in the event. I found the whole session really interesting and am really looking forward to the Hackathon”, quoted Ketan, an attendee from Delta X Technologies. People left the AppLift office with a renewed vigor and enthusiasm to return for the AppLift Datathon this weekend!

Even if you guys missed the yesterday’s meetup, a happening Applift Datathon with heavy Cash Prizes is in store for the weekend! Deadlines are approaching fast, register now! Come over and satisfy your knack to hack!

My regards to the Applift team(Tim Koschella, Aiste Povilaikaite, and others) and the on-spot Venturesity Team( Saranya, Sonu, Sumit, Prateeksen, Harpreet, Tejaswi) for their valuable inputs for this blog.


Pratik Saurav
(Venturesity Team)


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