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A look back at Dell eCommerce Hireathon

Hackathon is a synonym for weekend getaways for hackers in Bangalore.

And one of such getaways the  ‘eCommerce Hireathon’ was hosted by Dell India Pvt. Ltd. They were looking to meet innovative coders and further strengthen their reputed developer base.

The morning was a fine one, with the weather being kind as compared to the evening before the day of the hackathon. Some participants arrived in teams and some formed on the spot, and the session got underway at 11:00 AM. The Dell India Leadership team were there to discuss what makes Dell a great company to work for. These included Chief Information officer, Hemal Shah; Director of IT, Krishna Reddy; and Director of Software Engineering, Venkata Ramesh Achanta.

Did we mention that Dell is the largest e-commerce website for commercial technology products in the world?  And, that also set the theme for the hack: with announcements of the following problem statements that focused on the development of next generation eCommerce platforms.

  • Building an identity provider and an application that uses it.
  • Developing a data-driven web interface with a flexible data model and user interface
  • Deriving meaningful solution and alerts from audit logs
  • Building an end-to-end responsive eCommerce application

After brainstorming with team-mates, problem statements were chosen and hackers got back to what they are well known for. J

Brainstorming at Dell Hireathon
Brainstorming at Dell Hireathon
Knowing each other better at Dell Hireathon
Knowing each other better at Dell Hireathon
Improving the idea further
Improving the idea further

Dell had a good number of technical team members present to interact with participants, and Venturesity’s platform enabled hackers to leave the workflow management aside and focus on coding.

As the day went by, coders turned up the tempo, and first round of submissions were done at 5:00 P.M. giving the hackers opportunity to get an initial feedback. By late evening, some hackers decided to continue from home while the rest found Dell’s premises a venue that kept them going. (Which it will be for the final selected ones of the 10 shortlisted hackers.)

The next day the following teams were selected for the presentation:

  • CodersClub
  • letsdoit@123
  • Siddu
  • SingleManArmy
  • Sparta

And given the high quality of presentations judges decided to share the goodies among every team.

However, individual hacking spirit paid off for Marulasidappa and Vivek Kumar, who were awarded first and second prize respectively.

We are grateful to all the participants and Dell team for making it a successful weekend. And we wish the best for the shortlisted hackers.

Keep following our challenge page here, to stay updated about more of Venturesity hacks where coders spend time for soul searching ( soul = ideas to implement, team to work with, lines of code to be written)


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I attended and didn’t receive any goodies. Is it given?

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