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Developers And Designers Hacked It Out At The DigitalOcean Mumbai Hackathon!

Halfway through October, DigitalOcean was ready to host an another killer hack. This time Mumbai was the chosen venue. And the leading cloud infrastructure provider was in search for cool talent in the areas of development and design.


The 91Springboard premises in Andheri was where all the action was waiting to unfold on October 15. After an initial round of registrations, the event kicked off at around 10am. More than 60 developers and designers had gathered to give each other tough competition and snap up their dream job. Students and pros had swung by for the 24-hour hack that was to test their skills.



Matthew Campbell, the Technical Lead at Digital Ocean, and Karan M.V, the India Outreach Specialist, took the lead and introduced the waiting crowd to the company. DigitalOcean’s journey to the top was recounted and, then, the problem statements were handed out.


The teams of developers and designers could choose to work on any of the two tracks that were given out. First, the Fintech Track, where participants could build apps, wrappers, or integrations on the DigitalOcean platform with the aid of Aadhar APIs. Second, with the Open Source Track, the teams (of not more than five) had to participate in the Hactoberfest by four pull requests on any of gazillion projects on GitHub that came with the ‘hactoberfest’ tag.




With their tasks chalked out for them, the teams got to work in a jiffy! There was an audible buzz around the venue and each group was determined to give their very best. After all, the top two teams of the hack would not just be shortlisted for the role of Customer Success Engineer on DigitalOcean’s brilliant team but also win plenty of goodies. The cool folks of Box8 ensured that there wasn’t a dip in the energy levels of the participants by filling them up with scrumptious food during lunch and dinner.





It was soon October 16. And the participants were ready to show off the products that they had built in the past 24 hours. Matthew Campbell was anointed judge and the demos were off to a start. After an impressive round of demos, Matthew Campbell declared the winners and 12 participants walked away with interview calls. Additionally, they also won DigitalOcean credits, free usage on and other goodies.

Congratulations to all the winners!



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