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DigitalOcean Cloud Hack Diary

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10 in the morning when the hustle takes over the city, 91 Springboard was filled with participants who were ready to “build the next big thing” using DigitalOcean. It seemed as if participants wanted to prove that ‘Cloud Hack’ was worthy of its name as they poured in like rain from the clouds. In fact, the venue got so full, that the hosts opened all floors to accommodate them. We estimated that the ocean of hackers numbered around 200. 

We started off with an icebreaker session post which the problem statement was made live at 11:00 am. The hack started with serious coding going on. Along with this serious coding, serious gaming was going on:

At noon, food arrived and the hungry hackers were happy:

We then left the hackers to hack for a while till the advent of the evening. The peckish hackers dove into the evening snacks that DigitalOcean provided.

Once again, all that could be heard was hackers hacking away. At 6:00 p.m., we started off a new contest: code golf. If you remember this from last time, code golf involves solving problem statements using the minimum number of characters.  This proved a hit as many participants got obsessed with it!

In the silence of midnight, where clicking of keys was all we could hear, we decided to break the silence. We played music loud enough to turn all heads. This energized the hackers to work all night!

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With the break of dawn participants were set with their ideas and they started preparing for the presentation. At 10:00 am, the judges started reviewing the submitted codes, and shortlisted 12 teams. After the shortlisting, presentations began. Judges had a tough time finding the winners since every team had a mind blowing idea.

After the presentation, the leaders of code golf were awarded.  

Here is the list of the winners of the Cloud hack

1st Place: MakerBox

They worked on a messenger bot to manage and monitor the DigitalOcean infrastructure.

2nd Place: Team Feather

They build an app called Smartmeetings. Everything that happens in a meeting will be recorded. This could be used to summarize the meeting and the recorded summary can also be shared with co-workers. To view their work click here

2nd Place: Team Dev Inc.

They came up with a web app that makes it simple for travelers to find washrooms. Click here to know more about their project.

Like the old saying ‘All good things come to an end’, but that’s not the case for us. The advent of noon did mark the end of the fun-filled hackathon, but only to see you all next time.


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