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DigitalOcean Hyderabad Recapped

Last weekend we were in the land of Nizams, Charminar and Dum Biryani! This ecstatic city showed us a hoard of over 80 rocketeers who launched their ideas at the DigitalOcean Cloud Hack, Hyderabad. The hackers were asked to build anything that helps solve a specific problem for the community around you.  Next, they needed to creatively integrate it with the cloud and voila! I personally have an avid love for open hacks but at DigitalOcean, hackers unlocked new levels of innovation.
The event was adorned by the presence of some startup rockstars like Aditya Rao, (Senior Engineering Manager – ServiceNow) and Rohith Reddy (Founder & Chief Disruptor – MTW Labs) who judged and mentored the hackers to turn their ideas into reality. The bars were high, so were the submissions. The judges had a tough time deciding the winners. So there was not one, or two but three winners declared!
  • The winners of the hack, team Return0 created a Check-in security model using QR code. The team members, Kushal Kedia, Adish Jain, Sri Harsha Chandra Anishetty told us about their work in detail. Their solution aimed at providing an easy and hassle free improvement to the security problem with significant cost cuttings and enhanced security.
  • The runners up team Semicolon worked on an idea which was as hip as their name. Their project called the Buddy Reminder had a cool hack description that read something like this, “Tired of Reminding your Flaky Friends on some Event. The Idea is Buddy Reminder, Create customized reminders for your Events/Trips. We will generate the calls for your buddies on scheduled time and Plays your voice message and Generates call recordings. Buddy Reminder, Notifications can be ignored, But not the calls. So No more Last moment Cancels.” Venkatesh Macha, Upendra Manve were the people behind the idea.
  • As mentioned before, we didn’t just have one or two but three winners. There was an exceptional case consolation prize for the team 247. Their hack idea KisanMitra was nothing short of a genius. The team created KisanMitra, a crowdfunding platform, to help farmers and encourage natural farming. Every year at least one farmer suicides due to debt related problems. Through KisanMitra we can fund the farmers for cultivation. When cultivation goes well, we will get the unadulterated healthy natural product for a much better price. For details, you can refer to this link.

There’s always a prize for all the hardwork you put into a job. And for this job, there were many. The winners won the badass Audio Technica Professional Studio Monitor Headphones, $150 in DigitalOcean Credits and cool swags from DigitalOcean.The runners up won no less. 1TB Portable External Hard Disk, $100 in DigitalOcean Credits and cool swags from DO, how’s that? Not to mention, everybody who participated walked away with $15 worth of DigitalOcean credits.

Missed the hack? We missed you too! Get ready for the next one. Participate, create and innovate!

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