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Emerge From the Shadows and Conquer Shadowfax’s Code Wars



Another weekend, another code war! This time around, Shadowfax is letting out the war cry urging all coders to join the battlefield. Over 24 hours (starting at 10am on June 11, 2016), Shadowfax’s is unleashing the Code Wars that will see the participation of Android, Frontend and Backend developers along with Data Scientists. And of course, the emerging champions will take home prizes worth INR 2 lakhs and might also be offered a swanky, new job at Shadowfax.

Just a year old and Shadowfax can already proudly call itself India’s largest technology platform that enables intra-city logistics. Covering a number of areas, Shadowfax’s expertise lies in fulfilling the first and last mile delivery needs for its long list of customers. And speaking of clients, in this short time, the company counts the likes of McDonald’s, Snapdeal, Paytm, and BigBasket as its customers. The focus, at Shadowfax, is to deliver convenient, cost-effective and reliable delivery solutions. So, needless to say, the technology will have to be nothing short of brilliant to ensure this. If you think you can contribute to making this a reality, then, maybe it is time for Shadowfax to assign you a workspace at their innovation hub in Bangalore.

So what sort of talent is Shadowfax looking for? Well, there are four categories. First, Android developers with experience in Gradle, Data Structures, Algorithms, Android Studio, and Android SDK. Then, there are the Front developers who have proven expertise in JavaScript, AngularJS, jQuery, MVC Frameworks, Grunt, and Bower. You can also join the party if you are a Backend Developer with incredible skills in Spring, Ruby on Rails, MongoDB, Node JS, Django, Rabbit MQ, and Cassandra. Finally, it is the turn of the Data Scientists who know their way around Python, C++, Analytics, Machine Learning, R, Data Mining and Statistical Analysis.

Think you can tame this monster of a challenge? You’ve got to log on here and send in your application. Worthy contestants will be shortlisted and invited for the Code Wars. This is mostly a team challenge (you can participate as an individual only if you are a full stack developer). And you’ll spend the 24-hour hack creating cool products. If you impress the brilliant folks at Shadowfax during the demo round, you get to take home cool bounty. And if you take it up a notch and leave them speechless, then, a job offer too!

For all the details on the Code Wars, click here.


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