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The Essential IoT checklist for 2016

Total human population?
7.5 billion.
Total number of devices connected to the internet?
6.4 billion!!
Insane, isn’t it? Well, the innovation coming out of that relationship is equally crazy. Taking two existing things and putting them together differently is what defines innovation today. The internet and the smart devices, a perfect marriage with a beautiful baby called the IoT or Internet of Things. It’s nearing the end of 2016 and here’s your checklist for IoT products you cannot miss out on.
Wear ’em
From smart shoes to Iron Man suits. Here is the stuff you just cannot think of missing this year.
Athos: Ironman suit for real? Well pretty much! Smart workout apparel that monitors your biosignals and transforms them into meaningful insight. Each garment has built-in sensors to measure the muscle activity using electromyography. The central hub or the Iron Man hub sends this information back to your smartphone. Analyze your performance during different exercises and perfect your techniques with this next generation workout apparel. Feel in control, feel Athos!


And when you thought it was all over when Nike stopped producing their Nike+ Fuel Band, Under Armour took it to another level. No more running with bands, and wires and mobile phones. Do what you are meant to, just run with all your heart! This smart shoe monitors everything with a built in chip that tags to map my run. Time, cadence, distance, duration, shoelife, splits etc. your shoes measures it all for you.

A smart watch to track all the activities of your loved ones. A superb product for the elderly people who stay away from their families. You can track the steps, heartbeat, activities and any kind of deviation from daily activity. There is also an emergency button that triggers a phone call to ensure everything is alright. Smart stuff!
Drive em!

This smart electric minivan by VW is turning heads this year. This is a BUDD-e in a true sense and can respond to your voice commands, hand gestures and connect to your devices at home like the garage door openers or your air conditioners. All devices that are as smart as him are his buddies! Want to drive this beauty? I sure do!



Click ’em

Amazon released a blockbuster button this year. They took the phrase of order n just one click to new levels! Say hello to the new Amazon Dash Button. Running out of detergent? Just click the dash button for tide and amazon will place an order and deliver it to your home hassle free! I won’t do much talking here, you seriously need to check out this cool stuff! It integrates with AWS IoT and lets the connected devices interact easily and securely with cloud applications and other devices. You will be surprised to know how it works with a simple circuit. An AA battery and a circuit. These ICs include the processor with the name of the STM32F205RG6, a Wi-Fi chip (the Broadcom BCM943362WCD4), and a flash Read-Only Memory (ROM) chip that holds the code it runs on and orders. For more information check this out.



Eat with ’em


Smart Refrigerators:

You walk with a basket full of groceries and the door opens automatically. You can see what’s inside the fridge without even opening it. Automation to almost everything!

Tada!!!! Presenting the all new LG Signature Refrigerator! Have enough money to spare? You sure need one 😉





Super smart kitchens: India is rising, India is shining and so are the new age startups! Gourmet food by 5 star chefs served hot and fresh to you every day! You know how? Well this startup, eatfresh is kicking some ass with new age kitchens with IoT equipment and sensor equipped boilers and steamers to give you that unique experience everyday! Yumm-e Much? Read the whole story here.


2016 is nearing it’s end. If the bars have been set so high, imagine the revolution in the coming years! The Jetsons’ lifestyle will soon be a reality! Get ready to witness some awesomeness at the CEBIT Hackathon a first of it’s kind IoT themed Hackathon where your love for tech and hack wins you everything. Get ready guys, register here today.

Hack it! Rock it!


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