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Everybody’s a Salesperson!

Why sales? Everyone lives by selling something. – Robert Louis Stevenson

Sales is the lifeblood of any organization and perhaps the most important activity for startups. Even the best technology without customers is just a – technology – and not a business yet.

What is Not Sales?

People often flinch when they hear the word “sales”. It is often associated with words like – manipulative, sleazy, pushy, inauthentic etc. However, SUCCESSFUL salesperson’s modus operandi – People are not Stupid. They understand that it is an art to connect to emotions and being genuine. It’s not the first sale but the relationship you are able to build with you customer over time.

Misconception Reality

Selling is manipulative 

Selling is annoying

Selling is boring

Selling is actually helping

Selling is actually sociable

Selling is actually learning

Source: Geoffrey James, Inc Magazine

What is a sales personality trait?

No, it’s not the – fast-talking slick car salesman.  Steve Martin’s statistics sums it up well.

Seven Personality Traits of Top Salespeople by Steve W. Martin

Modesty91 percent of top salespeople had medium to high scores of modesty and humility.

Conscientiousness85 percent of top salespeople had high levels of conscientiousness.

Achievement Orientation84 percent of the top performers tested scored very high in achievement orientation.

Curiosity82 percent of top salespeople scored extremely high curiosity levels.

Lack of GregariousnessTop performers averaged 30 percent lower gregariousness than below average performers.

Lack of DiscouragementLess than 10 percent of top salespeople were classified as having high levels of discouragement and being frequently overwhelmed with sadness.

Lack of Self-ConsciousnessLess than five percent of top performers had high levels of self-consciousness.

Source: Steve Martin, Harvard Business Review Blog

Can introvert be successful in sales? Absolutely, yes!

Most times a calm, composed, confident listening sales person wins over their babbling counterpart. Research by Adam Grant, a psychological scientist at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School showed that introverts have proven to be more successful.

How do you become successful?

Do you need to be a “born sales person”? In my opinion, it does not exist. Some people have “gift of the gab” but like everything else, success is achieved by being focused, tenacious and honing your skills time-to-time.

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