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Fantastic Growth Hacks that Everyone Should Know

So what is this hacker thing that is running around the globe and turning heads? For me, hackers are ones whose true north is growth and innovation, and I am here to tell you that


Hacking can be as simple as tucking a safety pin to cover up that broken button or … building a Jarvis!

The motto is plain and simple: make your life easier.

So here’s a showdown for making your entrepreneurial dream come true. These growth hacks are simple. So simple that your two-minute noodle magic could be put to shame. (Well even that’s a hunger hack if I may say so. 😉 )

Setting up a new business or website or planning to startup? These few hacks come in handy.

The Badass School Boy Hack

Well, I did this completely outlandish nomenclature for a reason. Remember your school and college days?
All that gibberish, fancy words and all that faking did help us out sometime. Didn’t it?  It so happens this works with your under construction website or a landing page too.

Be a puffer fish: showcase yourself much larger than you are. This is a proven hack! A Danish startup once bought several phone numbers and displayed it on their website. Their fashion was something like this:

Contact Us:

Denmark                                                            Sweden
+45-888-213-xxx                                           +41-8745-383-xxx

USA                                                                      UK
+342917-93840-xxx                                        +2340-39394-xxx

This not only made the users think it was some kickass global company, they got media and investor attention too. Smart eh?

Instagram Homie Hack

Go to the most recent section for the hashtag you are targeting. You will get the top pictures. Follow the account to which the pics belong. Click on the first three recent pics, and voila! You may just increase your user base by up to 25% or more! Food or fashion, just click, sneak and peak on your followers.

Mail Buddy Hack


You gotta be careful on your emails! All the traditional most-opened subject lines globally take a toss when you come to India. When in India, think like an Indian. If you think all that element of suspense and ‘Hey you! We’ve got you covered’ or abrupt call outs work here then, I’m sorry boss, it doesn’t! They have all become spammy now. With every company using the same cliched snappy and inquisitive subject lines, people don’t even care to open the emails.

Give a value proposition to your email! What’s inside it that a user would want to open it? Numbers, offers and cash are the ones that attract us Indians. If there’s something in for me, then I’m in for it.

Sycophant’s Hack

Since time immemorial people like to hear about themselves! Who doesn’t love to hear few good things and a lil’ praise? Make your consumers feel special. After all, they are, aren’t they? A few personal emails, a bit of love, few offers for their loyalty and engagements and tadaaa! It can be as simple as a cute birthday email and gift cards to special discounts and offers for loyal ones. Or a simple mail saying, “Hi Divya, we’ve missed you…” does the trick. Let them know what their presence means to you.

Win Win Hack

Who doesn’t like to win? This has been working like magic ever since its inception. You use my product, refer a friend. You win some rewards so does your friend. What do I win? Well, two new fans! Ola, Uber, Dropbox … you name it … everybody uses this hack and we love it, don’t we?


But what can my upcoming startup do? Not much money to spare for a win-win thing!

I recently came across this hack a gourmet food delivery start-up uses and it’s pretty smart! They serve their exquisite dinner menus from 7:30 -10:00 p.m. Towards the end hours, the count of incoming orders become sluggish.  Most of the popular menu items are out of stock, and less preferred ones are on display. So, they shoot up magic promo codes for a 50% discount! This stuff spreads like wildfire via notifications on their site and app; so orders shoot up! I wouldn’t usually prefer a Schezwan chicken with herbed rice but when it’s half rate, hell yeah! It’s no rocket science to figure out that their middle order dishes also get sold out! It’s a win-win!

These simple hacks may boost your business the way you always wanted it to be!

Your stuff and its virality isn’t mere luck or magic. There is always some science behind why people will like or share what you deliver to them. It’s all about experimenting with your consumers and understanding them better.

Keep following our blogs to learn easy hacks for almost any and everything! 😉


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