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A Recap of Flockathon Mumbai – Teamwork Messaging Redesigned!

Flock, the #1 Team Messenger invited code warriors from all over the country to experience the power of the FlockOS. A hoard of over 80 developers marched to the venue to build incredibly powerful apps, bots, and integrations on top of the FlockOS. Organized into teams of 1-4 members, the teams competed in Mumbai on February 18 & 19 at Flockathon against each other to build a Flock app that unleashes the full potential of FlockOS.
Ample weaponry was provided in form of FlockOS API documentation, relevant SDKs, and knowledge resources. And what a clash it was! They fought with valor and integrity. Amazing food, beverages, and bean bags kept the spirits of the skirmishers alive through the night. 11 shortlisted teams marched towards the final round and presented their ideas.
Flockathon stood to impress both Flock and the participants who came with an open mind for competition and innovation!
Rahul Menon (Marketing Manager – Directi & Flock), Ayush Goel
(Lead Developer – Directi), Ayush Jindal had a really tough time deciding the winners. Speaking of which, let’s take a quick look at the winning entries.
Winners:  Team Contact
Team members: Roshan Pande, Sumedh Mohile, Paren Desai and Shyam Mehta created an app called Connectr. Connectr is a consumer engagement app for Flock designed to allow teams to cohesively and effectively provide a better customer experience. It uses LiveChat, SMS and Voice Calling right through the Flock ecosystem to provide a seamless interaction.
Not to mention they took away the grand cash prize of INR 75,000!
1st Runner’s up: Team Coderboys
Sometimes general questions aren’t sufficient for an organization. There is a need for organization-specific questions. Sharnam Chhatpar, Ankit Gala, Dharin Parekh and Ankitesh Gupta  came up with an innovative project called helps to create an organization-specific private Q&A forum. also allows one to share this team specific database with other teams. Consider a huge e-commerce website. Where there are a fixed set of rules and norms. A helpline person might get stuck in solving a client’s problem and instead of asking a senior, the person can just refer the previously answered questions or ask a question on ) app on the flock . Thus, save a lot of time and solve a business problem efficiently.
Not to mention, their idea won them a whopping INR 50,000
2nd Runner’s up: Team Achilles 
As gallant as the name, team Achilles was a one man army battalion with a warrior named  Akhil Raj. Akhil created Xpense,
a group accountant which tracks all expenses in a group/team. It makes it easier for the team to split the bills and apply for reimbursement. It saves your bills and automatically generates an expense report pdf. You no longer need to write an expense report anymore. He walked away with a bag full of cash, INR 25,000 to be exact.Thou shalt always be remembered Achilles!
Flockathon done & dusted. Another great hackathon served right. More legend-wait for it-dary hackathons coming up, have you registered for one?

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