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The Furlencode Hiring Hackathon: A Review


Another weekend, another exciting hackathon on the cards. This time around, it was Furlenco, an up and coming furniture and home furnishing rental brand, that was throwing opening its doors for a 24-hour long hackathon. Yes, Furlenco was on the lookout for kickass talent to join their product engineering team and they knew that teaming up with Venturesity would only aid them in zeroing in on the right talent. So, an elaborate challenge was set up. First, participants who were keen on the challenge were required to apply for the job. After which, a shortlist was drawn up and the candidates were invited for the big hackathon.

Things kick started off early on the 12th of March. At 9 a.m., the registration desk was buzzing with activity and half an hour later, the breakfast counter was open. By 11 a.m., the hackathon was filled to the brim with 84 candidates, who were greeted by Ashwin Venkatraman, the COO of Furlenco. Ashwin also packed in a crisp presentation in the time he had with candidates.

After this, it was time for the icebreaker. And as usual, we relied on the tried-and-tested spaghetti and marshmallow game to get things going. All participants were given spaghetti strands and marshmallows and were tasked with fashioning furniture out of them. At the end of this fun activity, participants were asked to put up their creations on Twitter. To earn brownie points, you know!


The problem statement was sent around and the hackers got to work. Huddle.d around in their own corners, the hackers immersed themselves in developing their grand plans and ideas when Red Bull, soft drinks, and fruit juices were passed around. We didn’t want any sugar levels dipping, you see. Soon, it was time for a hot, hot lunch.

After everyone had their fill at the lunch table, the first hack ideas were shared, by the teams, with the judges and interactions soon began to fill the room. By dinner time, around 9 p.m., things were in full flow. And since we saw everyone so hard at work, we had no choice but to give them an extra treat. So, the pizzas came trooping in at around 11 p.m.

On day 2, the final round of judging started off at 8 a.m. and the judges got busy putting together a shortlist of candidates. At noon, Ajith Karimpana, the founder of Furlenco, took the stage and addressed the participants and an hour later the final presentations began. Five teams were chosen to bedazzle everyone in the room.

In the end, two teams emerged winners. Team Padawans, consisting of Chandan Yeshwanth and Karthik S, were declared runners-up. They walked away with a cash prize worth INR 30,000. The big winners of the night were Team White Walkers, made up of Vishnu Thommandru, Naveen Yannamani and Jagadeeshwar, and they took home a whopping INR 50,000. A weekend well spent indeed!


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