Hacker vs. Competitive Programmer

When I was an undergraduate at the University of Utah, I took the Putnam exam. It’s considered one of the hardest mathematics tests in the world. Those who do “well” in this exam have exceptional mathematical ability: outstanding at solving these tough problems in a short period of time. The test is fantastic at finding …

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Our 2017 Resolutions – What We Hope For This Year

Champagne’s popped, fireworks lit up the sky. We danced like there is no tomorrow and with wishful hearts we waited for the clock to mark his arrival. He came, and how? With triumphal arches set in his path, the masses welcomed him like a warrior’s homecoming. Oh, how have we waited for you 2017! It …

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Code IS Poetry. Here’s why.

“Code is poetry.” Ah, the famous tagline of WordPress. What does this mean? Does it refer to the fact that now bloggers, who write poetry, can easily “code” using WordPress? Or does it suggest that coding is an art form … just like poetry? It is true that this tagline was coined by WordPress. And …

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Changing The Way You Code. One Sci-Fi Movie At A Time

I just recently watched the movie Arrival. It’s a sci-fi film based on the short story “Story of Your Life” by Ted Chiang.It was an alien visitation movie. By now, you must be rolling your eyes at me. Bharat Ramakrishna watching an alien movie! Don’t tell me it’s one of those shoot ’em ups! In …

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I just Found and Caught a Pikachu – Find your’s now!

The chubby cheeked, cute little electric mouse or Pikachu has been our favorite since childhood. Whenever we hear the word Pokémon, he is the first character that brushes past our mind. Pikachu has been like an ambassador for Pokémon ever since the whole concept was created. You could never imagine that a cute shiny, yellow …

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How To Write Good Case Studies: A Quick Tutorial

Case Studies have become essential business tools in today’s world. Specifically, they are handy sales devices that help your team showcase your work to new clients. A well-written case study can demonstrate how your product works, why your client needs it, and also your reliability when it comes to delivering results. It can also prove …

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Here’s Every Ama-zing Detail of the Amazon Hack in Pune

July 2 saw engineers in Pune sign up for an Ama-zing day! After all, the global marketplace giant, Amazon, had arrived in the city to hunt for candidates to join their team that’s busy building the next-generation Kindle File Format and Software Development Kit (SDK). One of Amazon’s best selling products (that has also been …

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Meet the Winners of “The Corona Labs Game Hack”!

“Gamers don’t die, they respawn.” For a country obsessed with software developers and programmers, this quote is quite appropriate. The new breed of game developers has been successful in bringing quick turnarounds. The game development industry has become much more promising today than it used to be. The great combination: imagination, graphics and of course …

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Here’s Why Digital Marketers And Designers Need To Work Together

In this technology-driven world, online products need to be backed by brilliant marketing and design in order to be successful. Digital marketing helps bring in the audience and design can ensure that the audience keeps coming back for more. However, if you notice, in a lot of companies these two departments are at constant loggerheads …

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10 Tips To Make Effective and Awesome PowerPoint Presentations

Whether we love them or hate them, the truth is that PowerPoint Presentations, or PPTs as they are informally known, are here to stay. Despite all the headache PowerPoint Presentations tend to bring along, they can be effective tools of communication. And, if used right, can add a bit of liveliness to a boring topic …

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Excellent Excel Functions That Every Data Analyst Should Know

“In God we trust; all others must bring data.”, said a great American statistician.

Data Analytics are the eyes and ears to the humongous data that companies generate. As analysts, we try to make sense out of these numbers at every step. We find the missing pieces of the puzzles, connect the dots and bring out a story. This storytelling helps the parent (companies) understand their child (data) better. We help the parents plan their kid’s present and future better so that it grows to become a top shot winner!

What can be measured can be managed and if not then we cannot improve it.

So think about this analogy: fuel goes into the engine, combustion happens and the vehicle runs. Neat and simple. So your information is the oil and analytics your combustion engine. Now there are various types of engines used according to the information fed. Statistical modelling, big data analytics, forecasting tools, machine learning and what not. (more…)

Venturesity Turns Three!!

Wow! What a journey it has been! A blink of an eye, and boom! 3 years have passed since the birth of Venturesity. Yes. Venturesity turned 3 recently. And with enough twists and turns in our story to keep audiences entertained for the next 300 years! I must admit that I was not privy to …

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Hackers! Here’s Where You Can Meet Up With Your Kind

I know, I know. It’s a lonely world out there for a hacker. You hacking all alone in a desert, with little or no friends. Lying awake at night, crying your eyes out, singing “Lonely no more” to yourself … Oh where oh where can you find hackers of your own kind??? That’s the question, …

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Great ideas from the GreytHR hackathon

Another weekend, another hack. That’s how we roll at Venturesity. This time it was for Greytip Software: a 24 hour hack to find the best talent. Their hospitality added with tasty food and entertainment proved that time flies when we have fun.

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A Lesson In Computing Languages and their Many Uses

This is a question that gets asked a lot. Programmers and developers, from across the world, are often bombarded with this question, “Why are there so many programming languages?” and “Are they all necessary?”. The truth is, any developer worth his/her code, will admit that while so many languages are not necessary they sure make …

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16 things to look forward to at Venturesity in 2016

It’s that time of the year again. (How quickly does time pass?). This is when we look back at the previous year with nostalgia. And look ahead with widened eyes at the prospects of the year ahead. At Venturesity, we are no different. In our usual New Year’s spirit, here is a list of 16 …

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