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Get Your Animal Instincts On At The Rescue Hackathon by Vegania

If there is any hack that is about the heart as much as it is about the grey cells, it is this one. The second weekend of April, will see hackers come together for a very special cause. Vegania is hosting The Rescue Hackathon to build products that make it easy for rescued animals to get adopted and without adding to their trauma. The 24-hour challenge is not just about winning prizes but also to build products that will help save lives. And that’s a worthy cause, don’t you think?

Known to be India’s most active animal rights network, Vegania has been super busy over the past two years. They have conducted over 200 campaigns to build awareness, protest injustices meted out to animals, and have conducted marches in over 8 cities in India. And they would like to continue fighting the good fight with the help of app and product developers in Bangalore.

Vegania can’t emphasise enough the need for well-structured adoption channels for animals these days. They point out that a large percentage of animals out there are subject to immense cruelty, harsh weather conditions, injuries and illnesses. And while many adoption drives and rescues keep happening on platforms like WhatsApp, it’s time to do more. The organisation wants to, through this hack, build Android and iOS apps that help provide a reliable platform for rescues and adoptions to happen in a more streamlined and hassle free manner.

So, given the task in hand, you know what kind of talent we are looking for. If you are full-stack, Android or iOS developer, who wants to use your skills to make difference, there’s no better opportunity than this. If you are an iOS developer, then, it will great if you are skilled in iOS, PHP, MySQL, REST APIs, Swift, Node JS and XSD. For Android, we are looking for talent with expertise in Java, HTML, CSS, UI, and classic algorithms. And, finally, for full stack, you can join us if you possess impeccable knowledge in PHP, Javascript, Elasticsearch, Bootstrap and LAMP.

The process is simple. Just apply here, and come by for the hackathon. You can participate in teams consisting of not more than three members but if you want to go solo, we are good with that too. While you work hard, we’ll work even harder to ensure that you work at ease and with plenty of food to keep you fuelled up.

For more information, log on here.


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