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One of the biggest reasons to work at a startup is getting a chance to make a difference in the world. Every idea is acknowledged, every voice is heard. The non-existence of bureaucracy in the system makes it easier for your ideas to traverse from its inception to execution. The life, as they say, is hot & happening and you never run out of work, parties or beer for that matter. 😉 There is more to learn and do than you can imagine. Cross-functional exposure to different shades of work life, continuous learning, growing and unending fun pretty much sums it all up. Ixigo is one such startup.
But there’s something that resonates with the stuff you read above. That something my friends is a usual day in the life of an ixigo employee! Launched in 2007 by Aloke Bajpai and Rajnish Kumar, ixigo is India’s leading travel search marketplace, connecting over 80 million travelers with content & deals from over 25,000 online & offline travel & hospitality businesses. But what’s special about them is the way they work, making it an amazing bunk for startup junkies. Trust me, you would love to start working there no later than tomorrow! Why? Here’s why!
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  • You’ll work with a bunch of self-driven, energetic and quick-witted folks throughout the day. The charged work atmosphere will give you a strong adrenaline rush every time you step into the office!
  • ixigo is a place for dreamers and rock stars who love challenges and getting stuff done from the scratch.
  • Your ideas will not be ignored, no second thoughts on that. Whatever you bring to the table is viewed, heard and acted upon.
  • There’s a continuous learning curve which helps you evolve personally as well as professionally.
  • They define fun in work life! Team outings, employee benefits, and parties are some of the mandatory rituals every month. Not to mention the games, food and snacks keep you charged all day.
  • They are crazy about building the best working culture. They believe in mixing work with fun and also maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Not to mention, the compensation for any job role has always been the best in the industry.
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You are valued as a gem of the company and the company ensures that you shine like one. Popularly called the ‘ixigems’, the employees have been building the company brick by brick making it an amazingly vibrant place to work. ‘Awesome’ is the word isn’t it? I’m sure that you’re dreaming of working there already. Don’t you worry mate, Venturesity and ixigo bring to you ixicode– your road to becoming the next ixigem at ixigo. 24 hours, tons of code and development and bamm on the spot job offers!
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