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Great ideas from the GreytHR hackathon


Another weekend, another hack. That’s how we roll at Venturesity. This time it was for Greytip Software: a 24 hour hack to find the best talent. Their hospitality added with tasty food and entertainment proved that time flies when we have fun.
Without further ado, let’s briefly review the problem statements, and some of the ideas that came out of the hack.The hackers were given four problem statements which were as follows:

  • Nislidi (Nice Slicer/Dicer) – A generic exploratory data analysis tool.
  • Chimeroom – Conference Room Booking.
  • eeHive – Social App for employees.
  • Forms Studio – Form building and rendering framework.

Among these four problem statements, the participants had the freedom to select any one of them and work on it.

Here is a list of winners and their ideas:

2nd Runner Up: No Regrets

No regrets

They worked on Nislidi to build a data analysis tool. They created a frontend to upload a CSV or specify db connections with column names, column data types and column data formats. They used heuristic rules at the backend to convert the given data records/ points into the expected formats, throwing away unfixable records into a logfile for the user to fix later on. They provided a UI to choose data (table/ filename), define measures, range of minimum and maximum on measures, dimensions and plot type, and plot the given data.

Team No Regrets did a good job building this, and I am sure they didn’t have  any regrets after the wonderful work they had done.

To understand more of their project, click on this link.

1st Runner Up: Cyborgs – 15K prize


They also worked on Nislidi to build a data analysis tool. They had to fulfill the following requirements

  • Configurable query builder for a dataset
  • Ability to drill down across multiple (configured) dimensions
  • Ability to Roll-up over multiple (configured) dimensions
  • Ability to configure measures/ quantitative values and apply common (sum, average, etc.) SQL functions on them.
  • Ability to create plots as needed on the data.
  • A GUI for choosing the cube, drill-down, roll-up, pivot options and display the plots.

Team Cyborgs fulfilled most of the requirements which impressed the judges and got them the 2nd prize.

Click here to see what they have built.

Winners: Code Force – 20K prize


This team developed a web-based solution that provides:

  • Users to submit a request for meeting rooms.
  • Automatic room allocation based on user requirement (seating capacity, facilities, etc.)
  • Create Conference Rooms
  • Room Booking Request
  • Provision to give a request for meetings with a number of participants and purpose of the meeting.
  • Provision to view the room that is allocated for the requested meeting.
  • Booking Cancellation
  • User shall be able to cancel bookings.
  • Dashboard to see the occupancy and process progress(optional)
  • Event driven emails and notifications

They worked on calculating the accurate distance of the meeting so that the venue of the meet would not be far and they also provided reminders for the meeting.

To see why they walked away with the prize, click here.

The ideas sound cool, don’t they? Want to work on several of your own? Then register and take part in our next hacks and show us what you’ve got!


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