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A kickstarter’s guide to Community Building – The whys and hows

As kids the increasing number of friends or followers on social media gave us cheap thrills. But when we talk about facts, out of a thousand odd names on our Facebook friend list, we haven’t even met 1/3rd of them in the past year.
As we grew we saw the world get smaller and better. We understood the importance of having genuine people around us with shared interests and field of work. We also learned that the like charges do not always repel in the human world. Interactions between people with similar interest form a relationship of trust, emotions and zeal to do something new.  This closely knit network of like-minded individuals sharing interests, ideas, and passion for their field of work is called a ‘Community’.
An android developer attracts another, a startup evangelist attracts the startup enthusiasts and a yoga expert tries to find another in his/her ‘Community’
Every successful individual knows that their achievement depends on a community of people working together. Building a community is not a zero-sum game, if everyone engages, the community wins as a whole.
Talk about the benefits of building a community around you?
  • Highly engaged evangelists
    The immediate and most effective result that a community fetches you is the creation of a highly engaged consumer base. Community creates a sense of belonging and their experience with you/your brand becomes so much more than just your product or a service. Whether it’s a pasta recipe or an iOS app, you will have guaranteed users who connect with and understand the body of your work.
  • Work and win together
    You meet your friends, philosophers, and guides in the true sense. You learn from other’s life and professional experiences. Learning from experiences is the richest form of knowledge available to mankind.  Your beta testers are right there with you. Your community will march forward with you and help you conquer the world and your entrepreneurial goals.
  • Honest reviews and support systems
    An honest critic is your best friend. Whether you’re a story writer or a programmer, an honest feedback always gives you that urge to go an extra mile. It strengthens you and your brand.  They will jump at every opportunity to support you and can act as a source of great testimonials and feedbacks as necessary to give you that initial push in your endeavors.
  • Shield
    Anybody can copy your ideas, work on domains but what one cannot steal from you is your community. A true community is built on trust formed through genuine interactions.
  • Business
    In the end, it also pays off as a great business strategy. Your community members, being more engaged and related to your product or service, are more likely to come back. They’ll buy as well as promote what they believe in.
As they say,” The secret of success is not on fighting the old but building the new.” Let’s take a step forward and connect with the world for increasing the profitability index of life and driving innovation.

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