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A Guide to Venturesity’s Challenges and Hackathons

Venturesity is a just a couple of years old. And yet, in this short span of time we have packed in decades of experience in crafting and executing challenges for all kinds of companies and all sorts of participants. If you are thinking, this is a ‘pat on the back’ or a ‘blowing our trumpet’ post, let’s put your fears to rest at once. But we do want to share what kind of challenges we have put together so far and shed light on how Venturesity has shown companies that hiring and branding can be fun and rewarding experiences.

All in a day’s work

For scores of coders and developers, weekend plans now revolve around the hackathons backed by Venturesity. We have them almost every weekend and they last between 6 hours to 24 hours. The one day hackathons are particularly popular and we’ve worked with everyone from Instavans to Microsoft to build killer challenges for each of our participants. A case in point is our upcoming challenge at Amazon. Venturesity along with the e-commerce giant has put together a 3-hour long ad:tech challenge; that’s a lot like a codesprint. The completion of the challenge will be followed by interview rounds at Amazon.

We are also well aware of the saying “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” So, we make sure that our hackathons, however long or short, are filled with plenty of icebreakers, games, and “delish” food.

 Women only

At Venturesity, we have always been flagbearers of the “women at the workplace” cause. We acknowledge that women are kick-ass coders, developers and engineers, which is why we started off the MsHackers platform in the first place. It’s even more exciting when we come across companies that love women as much as we do. Like Morgan Stanley, for example. We teamed up with them to conduct a 6-hour long, action-packed code-a-thon for women only. And we are hoping that as we go along more companies will join us in challenging and celebrating women.

Get online

Nothing beats the joy of taking on (and conquering) a challenge in your jammies. We totally get that! Which is why, a lot of times, we prop up an online challenge – that lasts anywhere between a day and a few weeks – and hand over the rest to you. Yes, you get to choose from where to work, when to work and how to work. Isn’t this the good life? In late 2015, we did a series of online challenges for KooKoo (here’s a look at one of them), a cloud-based telephony solution, and it garnered a great response from not just great minds in Bangalore but from across India.

Need for code

In an ever-changing, always-evolving world of technology, it is important that your skills stay sharp and you keep learning new things. To ensure this, we introduced the Need for Code initiative. In a few weeks, since it launch in 2015, it proved to be a big hit with coders. Our out-of-the-box challenges combined with out-of-the-world prizes and a chance to stay on top of one’s game was something that no coder worth his/her salt could say ‘no’ to.

One for  the students

Finding awesome talent is not just a challenge of the present but of the future as well. And nobody gets that better than us. And this is exactly why we regularly hold online challenges for budding talent that’s still chasing their degrees in schools. Take for example, the Propeller Challenge where we saw some amazing talent and ideas emerge from varied fields like Analytics, Design, Operations, Product Management and, even, Programming. It’s great way for us and companies to invest in the future, don’t you think?

A hack for all seasons (and reasons)

Nothing should be without a purpose. And while all our hacks and challenges, look like fun and games from outside, they mean serious business. They are determined ventures into branding or/and hiring – and this is no small task. And at Venturesity we leave no stone unturned to achieve the best results. So, challenges and their purposes are neatly crafted with precision. For example, if a company is looking to spread the word on its brand, it makes more sense to put out an open-ended challenge that sees plentiful interpretations, attracts a huge number of participants and proves to be a memorable outing for everyone involved.

However, if companies are looking to hire, it is more apt for challenges to be focused, and it encourages job seekers to implement their skills to come up with feasible solutions to real challenges. Alternately, it also gives job seekers the chance to take a close look into how the company works and what exciting challenges they can look forward to if they crack the code and pass the test with flying colours.

So, are you all geared up for our next challenge?


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