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All That Hack: Rio Olympics

Trumpets trilled, fireworks blazed the skies and the Olympian gladiators marched forward. The games have begun! The Rio Olympics saw a magnificent opening last week. Athletes, medallions, cheers, cries and all that jazz which you might be experiencing from watching the games. But do you know all that is ha/ck/ppening around it too? Well, you are in for some big surprises. A duet of fair-foul hacks have been taking turns at the Rio Olympics.

What would you like me to start with, fair or foul? Well, I generally save the good things for the last. That being said let us start with some serious threats Rio is facing from hackers.


Faking it, hacking it:

500,000 people is a goldmine for an unethical hacker! In an analysis run by Kaspersky, it was reported that fake wifi hotspots were spreading like a plague across Rio. Almost 18% of the wifi hotspots that were scanned were fake. Connecting your phone or laptops to a fake wifi is like letting yourself loose in front of a lion. Ladies and gentlemen, be rest assured, the lion will eat you! All your sensitive information is served on the plate to them. So if you are in Rio for the games, beware of fraudulent hotspots.

Fake game tickets:

The selling of counterfeit tickets is on peak right now. Many phishing websites are selling false tickets. These websites generally take in your personal information and obtain your bank details too via false payment gateways. The rest is no rocket science … before you know it, they will leave your accounts squeaky clean! Plenty of video clips, false links, emails and social media links are gonna lead you to malware. Stay on high alert on these.

But wait. Not everything bad is on the books for the Olympics; there are some great hacks for the good as well! Here are some:


Artificial Intelligence has made this dream come true. Presenting the J-Robots or Robo journalists. They are smart, uptight and already running. They will be giving real-time updates and articles on various Olympic events. The Washington Post is renowned for their amazing fleet of journalists. With this, they have taken journalism to another level. Their homegrown software creates multiple reports on medals tally, scores and other data-centered stuff without any human intervention. The idea is to free the journalists for more serious and impactful work rather than mere reporting of numbers. Nice move Washington Post, like really cool!



Antennae Hack

Now how would you watch Olympics when you do not have cable TV at home? Why pay when you can watch it for free? Online streaming is cool but we have the good old Doordarshan with us. All you need is an antenna for your TV. Swing it to the direction of the signal and get ready for some live action. In the west, people are using the same hack to watch Olympics on NBC. The paid channel services are pretty expensive there. But people who don’t really want to shell out money and catch all the live action, are mounting antennas up their house. This simple hack is making it all possible.


It’s not just the games, but some brilliant brains that are working around these events. We will keep updating you with all that’s hacking around the Rio Olympics from time to time. For now, just sing along:

So many hacks, up the rack.

Tough to track, tougher to crack.

Pick ’em all out of the Venturesity stack.

Come to our Amazing Sprint, don’t look back.

Happy Hacking folks!


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