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Hack over the weekend, get interviewed Monday, start work Tuesday

When Prateek Udenia signed up for SimpliHack, he had no idea what was in store for him. Like all the participants, he hoped to impress the judges and showcase his skills with a vague idea of getting hired. However, due to the intense competition, it seemed to be a long shot at best.

On Saturday morning (February 28th 2015), with his heart beating with trepidation, he waited in line among the 100 or so hackathon attendees. As the hackathon was a team event, he was nervous since his team had yet to be formed.  Within a short period of time, he found a team of like minded developers, and they called themselves Code Monk.

With a significant amount of time spent brainstorming ideas, they finally settled upon designing “a peer to peer learning platform with elements of gamification for a personalized user experience.” Their ideas were well received by the SimpliLearn tech team who were going around the room giving inputs to the participants.


The SimpliLearn Team talking with the participants

After the ideation phase was complete, and plans formulated on how best to split the task among themselves, they got to work. Prateek’s role in the project, along with two of his teammates, was to code the back-end framework that they would use in the application, while the others worked on the landing page, and the UI design.


Prateek (in the pink shirt) ideating with his team

As the day progressed, the coders were kept motivated by our usual fare of music, dancing, impromptu competitions and the like. Prateek, in particular, was much impressed by “the kind of energy that Subhendu [sic] brings to the floor” and with our team.

Fuelled by Red Bull and pizza (yes hackathons are unhealthy!), Prateek and his team worked throughout the night. Come morning, they were happy to see that their project was taking shape.  Unfortunately, they were not able to complete the project within the stipulated time but Prateek stuck around to see the demos (which turned out to be a fortuitous decision!).

After the demos, Prateek was called in by the SimpliLearn team. The team was impressed by his determination and perseverance that he exhibited throughout and rewarded him with a job offer which he accepted.

On Monday, he reported to the SimpliLearn office to complete the necessary preliminaries, and on Tuesday, which happened to be his 24th birthday, he started work.

Prateek is very grateful to Team Venturesity and says that his success was “all thanks to Venturesity’s amazing platform.”  But we think he deserves most of the credit!

Prateek’s story shows us what can be achieved if you are really determined, and willing to work hard. We wish him a happy 24th birthday, and a long and successful career at SimpliLearn.

Inspired by Prateek’s story? We have plenty of online and offline challenges to test your skills. Try the challenge that catches your eye and perhaps walk away with an offer you can’t refuse!


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That guy is my friend. He’s good at what he does. He’ll definitely provide more value to the company than expected.

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