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How hackers grabbed the maximum out of Grabhouse – Codesign Hackathon

Grabhouse, an exciting online real estate portal, has a mission to create next-generation platforms that change how millions look for their perfect place on rent. What better than a hackathon where top coders in the city deploy creative coding skills to solve challenges.And who better than Venturesity, to get hackers on board for such a mega-hack.Hackathon named Codesign was the result of these two lines of thoughts coming together.This hack also aimed to help Grabhouseexpand their team by hiring top designers and developer talent..Now let’s have a look at how the big day of Codesign panned out.

With the delight of sunshine, all was set at the Grabhouse office for Codesign Hackathon on 31st October. Teams started pouring in by 8.30 AM, with many spirited hackers arriving all the way from Chennai and Hyderabad. The Venturesity team (Pratik, Sonu, Akansha, Tejaswi) officially began the check-in at 9 A.M.  As each team came in, Grabhouse team welcomed them with a gift bag of a T-shirt. By 11 A.M. there was a total of 167 participants at the venue. The Venturesity tech team (Sumit, Pratik Sen) also participated in the hack. A cool icebreaker session with some games and goodies relaxed the coders and helped them warm up to unknown faces. The formal presentation of the company was addressed by Pratik Shukla, CEO and the problem statements for the hack were discussed by Munjal, the CTO. The problem statements covered the following themes:

The streaming APIs – Taking advantage of public data stream APIs, developers had to create a really cool Native- App/Web-APP that generates new value proposition for the company and/or the API provider.

Open House–Design and build solutions to problems around Open House. Open house is an event where the all available properties will be open for any interested party to walk-in for evaluation.Seekers have the problem to visit as many properties as possible on that day. Owners would want to get as much rent for that property as possible

Talk back –Talk back is a feature on most of smart devices; it provides spoken feedback to help blind and low-vision users. For example, it describes what you touch, select and activate. Developers had to use the features which TalkBack provides and create something interesting.

Owner Kiosk–Hackers had to build an Owner Kiosk.Owner Kiosk is a Smart Key which will enable the owner to operate his/her house’s lock with their smart phone (with the help of Bluetooth, WiFi , NFC etc.) and a portal from where they can track/control the Kiosk.

Real time communication –We are always dependent upon the internet and telecom providers for communication. A company wants to come up with solutions to connect devices without the aid of internet. Build a network independent of the grid which can enable devices to transfer real-time data between each other. 

After the introduction to these problem statements, hackers split themselves into 49  teams and there were some individual contributors as well.

With this, the brainstorming and idea hassling commenced. The warm and comforting team of GrabHouse took made participants feel home with very good arrangements of food, snacks and beverages.

As the day progressed, these ideas started taking shapes in the form of prototypes and mock-ups. The Grabhouse mentors were available for the support all the time.  Here are some moments from the hack:

Sumptuous lunch and the unlimited supply of Red Bulls ensured the hack went harder in the night, vying to turn ideas into working products in given time.

Hackers at Grabhouse Hackathon
Hackers at Grabhouse Hackathon











On 2nd day of the hack, 1st November, the judges moved around talking to participants and were really appreciative of the hard work teams had put up to build amazing solutions. With a lot of difficulty, judges selected 10 teams to do the demo presentation.The following teams got the chance to show off their work to the audience.

Team  -AllakeBande: Worked on tackling two primary challenges of

–        Buying/Renting a house by adding options to buy stuff that you want for the house to make it a home

–        Making house huntinga more consumer friendly approach

Team – Nest: Built a complete solution to solve the problems faced by the owners of houses on sale. Its core is an interface for the prospect to be able to survey the house and request a digital key for the house, even if the owner is not present at the premises.

Team – Martians: Worked ontheme – Open House.Their Android app, suitably named GruhaPravesh, schedules Open Houses for the client, notifies them their ETA from their location so that they reach on time. It has user-friendly options for display of property and managing bidding.

Team- NaN: They built a gesture controlled photo browsing application which takes images from google and uses it to control its size and various other parameter.Yes, they worked on building the next minority report gadget J

Team Jarvis (IOT): Jarvis runs on an raspberry pi board and is a personal assistant which is connected to an android app that is used for taking in input from the user and TALKS BACK with the result. This improves the quality of life for visually impaired as Jarvis can switch on/off the lights, search for terms on Wikipedia(which speaks out the definition), add a daily schedule and lots more all using voice commands and audio output.

Team Droids: Designed and developedand application named ‘Property Manager’.It is used for real time communication between the owner of landlord and tenants.
Main Features:
1) Owner can view the properties and tenants details.
2) Owner can communicate to tenants regarding rents, or some others
3) Tenants can report the issues like water problem, power problem, etc to owner
4) Owner can send notifications to the tenants

Team SemiColon: Worked on developing ‘TalkBackPlus’,a TalkBack framework which help developers to create applications for visually challenged people. It facilitates consumer developers to write code in a traditional way and while having flexibility to be used byboth visually challenged people as well as people with normal vision.

Team Mevinto:Mevinto  is an intermediate intelligent seamless app which provides a digital key to your physical house and share keys over the digital world.

Team Refugees: Build a recommendation engine, by analyze user behaviors for
1)Travel patterns(the grocery store you visit, the movie hall you love, your workplace)
2) Your behavior and personality insights(How adventurous are you, how enthusiastic are you etc)
3) Your architecture preferences.(Liked your friend’s living room? Just upload a picture and we will help you)

Team Moosify: Selected but did not present.They worked on The streaming APIs theme.

After much pondering judges gave the verdict with following emerging as best among the best.

Team Mevinto: (Azharudheen K, MahabubBasha, Ashok andLoganathan), were the winners with INR 1lakh.

Team Mevinto

First prize winners at Grabhouse hackathon

Allah ke Bande (Tasmaee Shetty, AmrithYerramilli and AnirudhKalkotwar), were the runners up with INR 50K cash prize.

Team Allah ke Bande
Team Allah Ke Bande. Second prize winners at the Grabhouse hackathon.

Jitin, Darshan and Anirudh were awarded as top solo contributors for UI, Android and Software, category respectively. They walked away with INR 30K as cash prize each.

Congratulations to all the hackers who made the hackathon a great success. We look forward to seeing them at the next hackathon. In the meantime, head on over to our webpage and sign up to some of our amazing online challenges and hackathons.

Every event has a driving force behind it and in this we had two!
This hackathon would have never been possible without the continous efforts and support of Iram Ansari and Suvarna Malagi from the HR team of Grabhouse.
They made it all happen-ing!

P.S. Thanks a lot to Akansha Shipra and Pratik Saurav for their valuable inputs that helped shape up this blog entry.






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