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When Hackers Pushed The Envelope At The PushAThon

April 2nd, 2016, was a day packed with hackathons (and, therefore, a whole lot of excitement) in Bangalore. At different venues in the city, coders and hackers assembled to create kickass products and develop reliable technical solutions to complex problems. One of the buzzing venues was the offices of PushEngage where the grand PushAthon was all set to unfold.

An innovative platform for Browser Push Notifications, PushEngage is a pioneer in this still growing domain.The company has found that browser push notifications result in better ROI and they have a proven track record of being a superb engagement tool for websites. Which is why they are looking to bring this powerful tool to all industry players, big and small.

Spread across 6 hours, the PushAThon hack was all about problem-solving and crafting scalable solutions. Engineers with experience in Node JS, MongoDB, Dynamo, LAMP, Algorithms, HTML, CSS, and JS were invited to participate.

On the big day, 14 hackers turned up at the event and the hack began promptly at 10am. Venturesity was represented by the very able Himanshu and Bhargav, who went around helping the participants understand the problem scenario at hand and also ensured that everything ran smoothly through the course of six hours.

Ravi Trivedi, the founder of Srijan Capital, and Ravi Teja were anointed judges for the day. Ravi Teja, from PushEngage, was particularly interested in the solutions that were being built and went around lending his expertise. The participants were tasked with developing push notifications for browser platforms. And through the day, the teams were hard at work deciphering the various facets of building the notifications, giving them life, and ensuring that they worked without a glitch.

Morning snacks were followed by a scrumptious lunch. Once the participants were energised, they went straight back to work since there was plenty to do and time was quickly running out. As the day wound down, the submissions started trickling in and we received around 8 submissions in all. Of these, Ravi Teja picked three for the next round of interviews.

At dusk, the participants returned home with big smiles on their faces, having achieved something out of the ordinary that day!



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